Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Time to fix the Broken American financial system

Did you know that...

Traditional financial services are not working for most of the American population.  Money gives people options, and without options, it holds people back.  Many hardworking Americans do not have a bank account or do not have access to traditional financial services. They rely on cash and checks and tend to turn to alternative financial services, like check cashers, pawn shops, money order services and payday lenders, making them stuck in their financial situation because of the amount of fees it requires to use those alternative services.  

The good news is that while it is a large issue, it can be fixed.  There is new technology, new ideas, and affordable financial service products to help people who can't access the traditional services* so that consumers avoid those alternative services that rob hard workers through unnecessary fees.   

This issue is very important to me.  Many times on my blog I talk about money.  

I know that 89 billion dollars can go a long way making our world and our families happier if they didn't went into unnecessary fees of businesses that rob people instead of helping them.  

Watch this powerful documentary about this issue HERE

*opinions are my own and not of American Express

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