Friday, March 28, 2014

Stay At Home Moms - Stay AWAY from "Home Based" Businesses

Not just SAHMs but to anyone that is involved with the following:

Mary Kay


Stella & Dot

Pampered Chef
Young Living

This list can go on.  The thing they have in common is that they are MLMs.  

There is nothing good about MLMs no matter what you're told.   

MLMs divide families and make families poorer than they were when they first got involved with it.

If you are working full-time, and invest in an MLM you will screw your job; the job that pays vacation, sick leave, health insurance, pension, and/or 401k.  Along with a steady paycheck.

Your co-workers will not know you too well other than you spam their work email about parties/events (against company policy by the way), solicit your products during lunch (they will avoid you or mention it in passing to your boss) and know you took vacation to go to a "conference" or traveled to sell/present to someone during the workday.   Your HR or hiring manager will laugh when you list MLM as applicable job experience on your resume and you may be out of the running for a real job when your background check flags out your negative credit score rating because you charged for thousands of dollars in inventory that you never end up selling.

Beyond the annoying party requests, meetings, presentations and such, I think the people who run MLMs are evil incarnate for running these scams at peoples' expense - anyone in a vulnerable point in their life that need something like extra money, more friends, a career, a purpose, a miracle cure etc.  

Every MLM you face say you can get any and all of the above INSTANTLY.  Reality aka "negative people in your life" will say that these things take time and effort, and in some instances, no miracle cure - accept what's true and live with it.  

To consultants

I wish I could say that it would work for you by deciding to be a consultant.

It is unlikely you will make any money.  

It is very likely you will have mounting debt from inventory, expenses, and travel.  

It is unlikely that you will be home with your family the longer you're in it.   

It is very likely you will be manipulated into ordering more than you sold at any given time.  You will be told you "need" inventory because you "can't sell from an empty wagon" 

You - the consultant - are the end consumer in the eyes of the company.  Those companies sell ONLY to consultants, and THIS IS HOW THE COMPANY MAKES THEIR MONEY.  

It is very likely you will keep hoping for a better month next month, and you will be told this by your sponsor/recruiter.

It is very likely that the product you sell is at least one of the following, or all:

  • Overpriced - any customer can get whatever you're selling at retail for better cost or FREE.  Your friends/family may just buy a candle or a tube of lipstick but that's it.  
  • Not proven by real science, or not approved by the FDA - the "research" is fake.  
  • Makes no life-changing difference in your skin, weight, time management etc
  • Makes no improvement in your health - or worse
  • Surprise! You will not sell as much as anticipated because of the reasons I've mentioned.    

In order to keep your status as a consultant to move up in the chain, your sponsor/recruiter will tell you to RECRUIT.  

Why do you want to get your friends to be consultants when you have been barely successful selling the product yourself?  

Your sponsors/recruiters are lying to themselves and to you about this “opportunity.” They are NOT your friends and they DO NOT have your best interests at heart.   

That company founder that you idolize who keeps telling you all the things you "need to hear to be successful in life" does not have your best interests at heart either.  

All of MLM  businesses are doing is trying to rape you - financially.   

Protect yourself from this happening to YOU.  Protect your loved ones that are involved.  

Remember, rape is NOT your fault.  Do not blame yourself for what happened. These companies are very good at tricking women (and men too) in making them believe that what they're doing is good and right for them and their family.  They use a thread approach.  One thread at a time, until you are handcuffed under threads of manipulation and lies of omission.  

This is a Mormon Ad but MLMs are notorious for preying
on the religious and abuse Jesus and God in their marketing

If you are a consultant whose fog has lifted I want to say that you CAN be successful outside MLM, as soon as you get out.     

Get out now.  

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Help Family in Need Win a Van with Wheelchair Access

This young family needs your help!  Right now! 

The Stangers of South Weber, UT

They need the highest number of votes in their state before May 2014 to win a van with wheelchair access

Mom recently diagnosed in summer 2013 with a genetic disorder that is dislocating her joints and affecting her organs.  She is deteriorating physically and quickly.  

The only thing that is keeping her joints together is wearing braces and being confined to an electric wheelchair.

She relies on her husband who does the things she can no longer do.  Such as:

  • Take a shower or bath
  • Put on clothes
  • Play with their two babies
  • Brush her hair
  • Brush her teeth
  • Cook dinner for their family

In addition to doing all the things above, her husband must take the time to relocate her joints and tape them back together.  

Ever dislocated a joint? Remember how painful that was??  

Imagine several dislocated joints and putting them back together all day, and everyday.  This is a reality for this family.  

In her hardest moments when she cries from the pain and the frustration of no longer being able to do the things we take for granted on her own, her husband is her rock and has shown nothing but love, strength, and commitment to her and their little family.

Her husband has learned to carry her from the bedroom, to her wheelchair, from her wheelchair to the bathroom etc. all in effort to not dislocate her joints while moving her from one place to another.  

They do not have a van with wheelchair access because health insurance does not cover the cost of such vehicles.  In their situation, they cannot afford such a vehicle out of pocket.

Her husband has learned to take her out of her wheelchair, put her in the car seat, relocate her joints again and repeat the process all over again.  This is painful.

He wants nothing more than a van with wheelchair access to minimize the physical toll on his wife when transferring her place to place.  From the doctors' appointments, when visiting family, or just to get in the car to drive to the park and watch their kids play.

Vans such as these provide the facilitation in transportation for loved ones
in an electric wheelchair

The National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association is giving away wheelchair accessible vans to a winner in each state of the US.  They will announce the winners in May 2014.

If you read this post, you ARE able to help this family in 3 steps below:

1) Please vote for them to win in the state of Utah!  
Read more of their story and vote here.

2) Tell your friends to tell their friends to vote for them too.

3) Vote TODAY and EVERYDAY until May 2014.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Maximizing Grocery Savings at Smith's

Smith's is where I shop for groceries.    

I do not own the image, it belongs to Smith's and all of its producers

Quitting my job forced me to look around at how I could save more on groceries.   Over time I figured out some things that I will share with you.

1) Get a Rewards card  Simply ask the cashier for one and clip it on to your key chain.  

Yes your grocery cart will literally fly with savings after reading my blog post

2) Register your Reward card ONLINE. This is a must!

Smiths has a lot of coupons online...
-Manufacturer Coupons

Smith's has a disclaimer saying "digital coupons may not be combined with paper coupons" meaning, you can't stack a paper manufacturer coupon with a digital manufacturer coupon for one item.  

But you can stack digital manufacturer or paper manufacturer coupons with some digital coupon exceptions that I'll explain in more detail.  

-Super Savings Coupons

This is a STORE coupon used during a promotion; they would say something like "Super Sale-Use up to 5 times in one transaction"  You can stack them with the manufacturer coupon; digital or paper.

-Best Customer Exclusive.  

A digital coupon just because Smith's loves you.  It will be a coupon for an item you usually buy or might have an interest in buying based on the history from your previous shopping trips.  I also think you get them when you fill out the periodic surveys online from your receipt. You can stack them with the manufacturer coupon; digital or paper.  This is also a store coupon you can stack with a manufacturer coupon.  I got a dozen free eggs from that.  Who else gives free eggs?  No one!  

-Free Friday Download

As a benefit for registering your Rewards card online, each Friday and only on Fridays you have 24 hours to download a coupon for a FREE item.  Usually it's a new product to the store.  It's good because it's like getting a free sample at no loss on your part. Some items I've gotten for free:
  • A cup of 5 oz yogurt
  • Liter of soda
  • Clear and Clear shampoo
  • Granola bars
  • Smoothie mix
  • Colgate toothpaste
  • Gatorade protein shake

3) Review the circular that comes in the mail on Wednesdays.  It is also available online. I use this while making my grocery list and plan my trip.  If an item is on sale and it's something I know I will buy but don't need it right away, I enter the information in my price book app.

4) Use the "Buy 5, Save $5" promotion to your advantage.  In the circular they will mention some of the items in the promotion, but not all of them.  You need to go to the store and see!

Example of items in the B5S5 promotion from the circular and stacking them with coupons:

This week until Tuesday March 25, 2014 at midnight:
Minute Maid Orange Juice: $3.99 
On sale for $2.99.  With the B5S5 you can get it for $1.79
There is a manufacturer coupon* floating around for $1.00 off Minute Maid Juice.  
That means you can get a 59 oz orange juice for .79

Magnum Ice Cream Bars $3.99 
With B5S5 it's 2.99 
There's a coupon* floating around for $1.25 off.  It made the bars $1.74
*I download the App on my iPhone, iPad, and Dave's iPhone.  You have a 2 coupon max limit on each electronic device, and do not close your device while printing! You will lose the coupon and reach your print limit.  I don't use my computer for the App because it never works to print.  The coupons I mentioned are from  In addition, I check out the Redplum in the mail and my MIL gives me her coupons from her Sunday paper.  That's it.  

Pampers Swaddler Diapers. $9.84
The ice cream bars and the juice sale price were mentioned in the circular but not the diapers. 
With B5S5 they would be $7.99 instead of 8.99 on sale.
I had a customer exclusive coupon for $1.50 off and a manufacturer coupon for $1.50 off. 
$7.99 minus $3 would make the diapers $4.99 a pack! That's a very good price for a pack of diapers no matter the brand.

I like orange juice. I like ice cream. And I need diapers for my baby. As a result

Two 59 oz of OJ $1.58
Two boxes of ice cream bars $3.48
One pack of diapers $4.99

= $10.05.

If they weren't on sale they would be roughly $25.80.  Just for those items I saved 61%! 

I once got a customer exclusive coupon to get a FREE box of Cheerios, selling at $3.29 a box.  I still used a .50 off Cheerios manufacturer coupon; that was neat because it was like getting 50 cents back to apply it to another item.

5) Identify manufacturer coupon loopholes* when clipping and/or downloading coupons.  I'll use Secret deodorant as an example
*I am not encouraging coupon fraud. But I have done this and it has worked without any problem.  If it is illegal I will revise my post and admit my mistake and promise to never ever to do it again.  

  • You have One manufacturer coupon that says "Save $1 when you buy two Secret deodorants"
  • In addition you have Two manufacturer coupons that say "Save $2 when you buy one Secret deodorant"
  • Result: Use all 3 coupons, buy two packs of deodorant and save $5.

Another example:

  • You have one manufacturer coupon that says "$2 off any fragrance Secret deodorant"
  • In addition you have one manufacturer coupon that says "$1 off powder fresh Secret deodorant"
  • Result: Use both coupons, buy one powder fresh deodorant, save $3.

Some pictures of my receipts with savings.  Look at "Total Savings" not the "TODAY YOU SAVED..." for a more accurate amount of what you saved on.  


15 items
30% savings of $18.60


22 items
32% savings of $27.34


6 items
66% savings of $11.15


22 items
40% savings of $36.42

Instead of paying $260.21 in four shopping trips, I spent...$166.70.  About $40 average spent. 
The $93.51 savings is worth about two grocery trips!  

With time and practice of knowing when a sale hits for a certain item I will get even better!

Grocery Price Booking

Lots of people here do a common practice called price matching to lower their grocery bill at the register.

I'm not a price matcher but a price booker.

In layman's terms, price booking is sort of like keeping track and trends of stock prices.  If the price is "right" (lowest best price possible) that's when you buy.

All images of price booking found HERE
Lots of information on how price booking works

Price booking At Costco: Not Everything is a "Deal" At Costco 

By price booking, I can compare the unit cost of an item sold at Smith's or at Costco to review if it's a good bang for the buck.  

At Costco, you spend $100 and you walk out with what, only 4-5 items super-sized in bulk?  That's a lot of money!  I can't light Benjamins on fire...

With price booking, I've been able to plan and price over time, better deals from Smith's than at Costco for many grocery items. Because of the amount of money you have to drop at one time for a few items, I shop at Costco only when I absolutely know for sure I cannot get a better deal at Smith's depending on the week and item I need to buy.

Many times, the price is the same or more, just super-sized times three at Costco.  

One recent experience:
I love chocolate milk. (Maybe because I don't drink coffee???).  One Saturday at Costco I had a sample of organic chocolate milk and loved it so much that I bought the 24-pack case and consumed about 2-3 packs once I got home.

After my chocolate rush, I checked how many ounces were in a pack of chocolate milk.

8.25 oz

8.25 oz times 24 is 198 ounces.

How many ounces in a gallon? 128

198 divided by 128 is 1.5 gallons

 I'm paying $15.99* for a gallon and a half of milk????

*Kirkland Organic Chocolate Milk: 66 cents per pack February 2014.

I went to Smith's to compare the price of organic chocolate milk and the Horizon Chocolate Milk for half a gallon is $4.99*

*February 2014  

It would be $14.97 for 198 ounces.  Not much savings from $15.99

Geez so much from "savings" at Costco....   

I decided from now on, I'd get the non organic gallon of chocolate milk at the everyday price of $3.99 or at $2.50 when on sale at Smith's.  Even with a coupon I can't justify the savings of buying 
organic milk at Smith's.

Which brings me to the next point on the usefulness of price booking: 

Price Booking plus Couponing = Powerful Savings and Better Spending Decisions
Price booking allows me to see whether I'm really getting a deal or not with a coupon. 

Using the coupon itself doesn't do much, you have to combine it with a store promotion/sale, and coupon stacking. Sometimes it's a deal, sometimes it's not. 

Price booking allows me to see a trend of when a sale for a certain item will hit up.  I buy enough of what I need to last through the next sale.

A sale combined with coupons and other in-store promotions have been tremendous, especially at Smith's.  
Price booking combined with couponing, has allowed me to lower my total grocery bill down by 20, 40, and even over 60 percent on shopping trips at Smith's.  (That will deserve its own post SOON)

A price book is terrific to use as a reference when I'm planning future grocery trips or if I'm at the store and just can't remember the price of beef per pound.  Sometimes a "sale" isn't a sale because I would remember a lower price for that specific item a few weeks back.

Everyone has heard of the advice "write a grocery list, and stick to it" 

With price booking I not only have my list, but know how much things cost and be able to stick to my budget for it.

I learn what I really need to buy and what things can wait a little longer to purchase.  

Instead of buying a song from iTunes I bought a price book app instead.

You can find it here!

You start entering prices on the app from your (1) grocery receipts, (2) circulars, and (3) anytime you are at the grocery store and want to jot down the price and unit amount for an item you're keeping track of.

The more you utilize the app, the better it'll serve you.

It made more sense for me to go this route and lower our expenses by more than half, rather than do direct sales from home and make little to no revenue.  
To "make money", it is easier and more feasible to look around what you're spending already and cut expenses.  Looking for new customers every month to buy my stuff would stress me out.  

Finding and planning ways to reduce our grocery expenses by more than half every month energizes me to the max.  Price booking facilitates that. 

You can begin price booking whenever you're ready to do so!

Friday, March 21, 2014

It's Parents, Not Homework that Make Kids Sick.

What an eye sore reading this article from CNN about kids having too much homework and that it will ruin them for life.

Boo hoo!

Wait until you go to university.  The majority of your professors are convinced you're are the only student taking his/her class and assign homework like no other.  Along with having a final that is worth 80% of your grade and problems you are forced to figure out on the spot, not having reviewed how to solve them in class beforehand.  

Wait until you get a real job. Success on the job means you go above and beyond your role to get things done, because they have to be done!  Your boss gives you a deadline that is physically impossible: reconcile 3 months of payroll data of 800 employees in 3 weeks.  I pounded those reconciliations like no other, along with the other deadlines and tasks that had to be done.  At the night before the deadline I went to work at 8AM and did not leave the office until 5AM to shower and get back to the office at 7AM to present all what I did at 10AM.  Oh and I wasn't making $65K+ a yr.  It was probably less than half of that, and nope, not hourly.   But I developed grit and experience that benefited me in other jobs that came along my way.  My payroll overnighter on crack was nothing and will never come close to my long nights with a newborn though.  I deal with it and figure it's life. I have to do the hard things even when I'm tired, sick, and close to my wits end.

It brings me to mind of Amy Chua's "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mom", it's a memoir with the thought provoking analysis of the Western mentality vs the Asian mentality of raising children.  An excerpt from the book published in the Wall Street Journal struck a nerve with many parents.

Read the 8000+ comments in the WSJ about the book

Chua mentioned a study where 70% of Western moms thought stressing academic success is not good for kids, and... 0% of Chinese moms felt the opposite.  ZERO

The reason your Asian friends get A's is because their moms believe they can get A's and thus order them to do so, whether from a balanced loving autocratic standpoint, that most Western parents would find harsh, to death-grip parenting.

Chinese moms have no problem making sure their kids get their homework done, even if it takes them hours and whining on the kid's part.  I wouldn't be surprised if these parents felt their kids didn't get ENOUGH homework, and send them off to Kumon after school.  And they certainly won't watch "American Idol" in front of their kid that is trying to finish their homework.

If I had to choose between one parenting style, I'd pick Asian.  Not because my husband is Asian (he has a Western upbringing) but because Asian moms spend the time with their kid on homework and not go blame the teacher and make excuses for their kid when they're struggling in school.

I read some of the comments concerning the CNN article from parents living in Utah.  My first thought from reading the comment was trolls.  The more I thought about it, I know so many people that still can't keep or find a job, can't handle college, dropout, still live with their parents because they can't handle the stress of managing their finances, paying their bills, dealing with insurance companies or *GASP* pay rent

Some comments below which raised my too-thick eyebrows:

"I think kids, especially the really young ones like my 2nd grader, have WAY too much homework these days...I'm also extremely concerned about the 1-2 hours of outdoor play my little guy's missing 5 days a week because he's sitting at the kitchen table slaving away at paperwork and getting fat in the process! And crying because he really needs a break - physically and mentally."

"I have a high-school senior who spends hours on his AP stats homework each night. There is no class time to work on assignments. So, the application of lecture to assignment happens at home where there is, unfortunately, no one to help answer his questions. He has to stay after school often to get the help that he really needs."

"I think homework gets very overwhelming for my kids when they have 8 classes and almost each teacher gives them homework. They will get behind on a few assignments because all they are doing in their spare time is homework"

"I always hated homework... I would get terrible migraines from it. Math was the worst..."

This comment was refreshing and proof that not all is lost in the world (emphasis added):

"Yes, lets soften our already failing education system by not encouraging our High School kids to not do homework. Also no failing anyone, or holding anyone back. Stress is a part of life, it does not get any easier in College or in the workplace. Stop the excuses, if the AP and Honor kids can't handle it then drop back to normal courses. These kids are trying to get into the top tier schools in the country, you have to work hard to do so. I remember pulling all nighters in high school for AP courses, it helped me prep for all nighters in college, and now that I am in the real world I am grateful for that work ethic.  Please, raise adults, not children." 

I am a big fan of Harry Harrison Jr. who has no-nonsense parenting advice that childhood should be preparation for adulthood.  The last point he makes in his article is compelling: "We need to overcome our fears and let our children struggle.  That, more than anything will help them become successful adults."

Another book that I love, "A Nation of Wimps" emphasizes the reason kids are wimpy is because their parents made them wimpy.  According to the author, it's the parents' fault; through doing everything for them, asking the teacher to lighten their kids workload, go with them to their job interviews, give winners and losers a medal etc.

These adults can't function on their own.  They crash instead of bounce back from stress or failure.  They can't confront a problem faced in front of them.  "A Nation of Wimps" elaborates more the consequences of invasive parents and how it already exists.

I know it exists.  I'll never forget an experience I had during my freshman year in college.  I was called to the Dean's office because my roommate's mother thought I was bullying her kid and instead of telling her daughter to talk to me about the problem, the mom went ahead and called the Dean to do something about it.

People who know me personally know I do not come across as a bullying type.
Dave says I'm bossy.  Rude!  ;-D

I believe limiting homework assignments with the intention of easing stress on children will do them more harm than good as adults later in life.

To end the post I love this poem. 

It's not enough to say as a parent "I can do hard things"  As a parent we HAVE to do the hard things to raise successful children.  Moms and Dads should keep what this poem says when parenting seems like a swift kick in the butt and a super dose of humble pie.  


You have to do the hard things. 
  • You have to make the call you’re afraid to make.
  • You have to get up earlier than you want to get up.
  • You have to give more than you get in return right away.
  • You have to care more about others than they care about you.
  • You have to fight when you are already injured, bloody, and sore.
  • You have to feel unsure and insecure when playing it safe seems smarter.
  • You have to lead when no one else is following you yet.
  • You have to invest in yourself even though no one else is.
  • You have to look like a fool while you’re looking for answers you don’t have.
  • You have to grind out the details when it’s easier to shrug them off.
  • You have to deliver results when making excuses is an option.
  • You have to search for your own explanations even when you’re told to accept the “facts.”
  • You have to make mistakes and look like an idiot.
  • You have to try and fail and try again.
  • You have to run faster even though you’re out of breath.
  • You have to be kind to people who have been cruel to you.
  • You have to meet deadlines that are unreasonable and deliver results that are unparalleled.
  • You have to be accountable for your actions even when things go wrong.
  • You have to keep moving towards where you want to be no matter what’s in front of you.
You have to do the hard things. The things that no one else is doing. The things that scare you. The things that make you wonder how much longer you can hold on.
Those are the things that define you. Those are the things that make the difference between living a life of mediocrity or outrageous success.
The hard things are the easiest things to avoid. To excuse away. To pretend like they don’t apply to you.
The simple truth about how ordinary people accomplish outrageous feats of success is that they do the hard things that smarter, wealthier, more qualified people don’t have the courage — or desperation — to do.
Do the hard things. You might be surprised at how amazing you really are.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Finding Reliable Information on the Internet

Note: This is from a handout I received on 12/18/2013 that was compiled by the physicians and staff at the University of Utah Pediatric Clinic.  I thought what I read was excellent so I typed it down to share with everyone.   

Many other sites offer valuable information, but be wary of the reliability of information you find on the internet/web.

Try to find information provided by trustworthy organizations and that is not tainted by political, commercial, or sensational motives.  Consider the following as you search the web:

How accurate does the information seem?

  • Is the material free of spelling, grammatical, or typographical errors?  These suggest poor quality control.
  • Are the sources of information listed so you can cross-reference them from another site or published literature?
  • Is it clear who is responsible for content of the site and are their credentials provided?
  • Does the information confirm what you have already found on other sites?

How current is the information?

  • Do the pages indicate when an article was first posted, and when it was last revised?
  • Is there any other indication that the material is kept current?

Does the information appear to be objective?

  • Is the material free of advertising and, if not, is commercial content clearly differentiated from the informational content?
  • Is the information provided as a public service?

Who is ultimately responsible for the contents of this site?

  • Is there a description of the sponsoring organization and its purpose in providing the information?
  • Is there contact information for the sponsoring organization, including a phone number and postal address?

The more questions to which you can answer "yes," the more likely the source contains high quality information.

Sources of Reliable Information on the Web

MedlinePlus, from the National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health, offers comprehensive, reliable, up-to-date health information.

The American Academy of Pediatrics site offers information about a variety of children's health topics, parenting, advocacy, and provides official statements on many important aspects of child health.

Healthy Children, a website for parents from the American Academy of Pediatrics with information about healthy living, safety, development, health issues, and answers to parents' questions.

Vaccine Education Center, from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, this site offers reliable, balanced information about vaccines and their safety.

Other trustworthy sources of information about immunizations include:
American Academy of Pediatrics (link to immunization questions for families)

Quackwatch, "Your Guide to Quackery, Health Fraud, and Intelligent Decisions"-helpful for checking out "information" that may not sound quite right.  The site operates several other sites focused on specific topics, such as autism and MLM. (Multi-level-marketing)

The Center on Media and Child Health aims to educate and empower both children and those who care for them to create and consume media in ways that optimize children's health and development.  The "For Parents & Teachers" section offers ideas to help families and kids use media responsibly.

Let's Go! has lots of ideas and resources for parents, kids, and families on healthy eating and active lifestyles.  Organization is based in Maine.

From the Nemours Foundation, KidsHealth offers sections for Parents, Kids, and Teens, providing information written for consumers about many health and development related topics.

FDA U.S. Food and Drug Administration offers information for consumers about safety related to drugs, medical devices, and more.  Click on "Consumer Information by Audience" and then "For Kids" for information and games about health and safety.

The CDC site offers information about infectious diseases (including vaccines and traveler's health), birth defects, disabilities, and environmental health.

Also on the CDC site, Safe and Healthy Kids and Teens provides information on many topics related to raising healthy kids, including safety tips and web sites for kids.

From the National Library of Medicine and the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, Genetics Home Reference provides patient-friendly information about the effects of genetic variations on human health.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Refrigerator Wall Inspiration

I always wanted to do something similar for my little home office space but never got around to it.

How to make this bulletin board HERE

From Live Creating Yourself
Same board, evolved over time. Just. Beautiful

Somehow by accident it ended up on my refrigerator door.

I need more pretty magnets

I decided that the upper half will be my space and the lower half the baby's space.  Along with her drawings, I want to get the letters and number magnets such as this:

I thought these were funny:

What's on your refrigerator door?