How did you and Dave meet?
I was engaged to another guy but he called the wedding off 6 days out.  I moved to a new area where no one knew me.  

I met Dave at church a few weeks after the defunct wedding.  Two things I'm very grateful for:

1. That my ex and I figured this out before and not after the wedding
2. Dave.  I was pretty mean and heartbroken, and shot him down a couple of times at the beginning but he always respected my space and was always my friend.  We met in the summer, became friends, started dating in the fall, and got married the following summer.  

Why is your last name Smith?  Dave is Asian...
Dave was adopted by my wonderful in-laws as a baby from South Korea. 
I would have adopted him but I didn't have any money so I married him instead.   

Why this blog?*
That's a great question.  This was the original reason why I began blogging HERE.

Then I started writing about weddings and costs because I'm obsessed about it.  

One day we found out a baby would appear on our doorstep so naturally a lot of my posts were about about pregnancy.  There was hardly anything else on my mind back then.  

Then I began working full-time again and begin to write advice about getting a job.  

Other days I write random stuff.  Or take a break.

* All what you just read above is my sad attempt to convince you that my blog's sole purpose wasn't to chronicle my life, my newlywed life or my baby's life through stories and photos.  

Where are you from?  Where are you really from???
I was born in the States.  My family is from Argentina.  I speak English, some Spanish, and learned Portuguese as a missionary in Brazil.  

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