Thursday, August 21, 2014

Back at Work after Baby

I'm late in announcing...I'm Back At work!  I returned to full time employment when Baby was 6 months old.  I stayed home 11 months. 

FAQ (aka Questions by Me and Answered by Me in my blog)

Which is harder - Stay at home mom or working mom? I think both are super hard if you don't have your husband to help you out at home.  Caring for young children is a full time job with very little to no flexibility for breaks or other home responsibilities unless another adult steps in to help.

The bulk of laundry, cooking, and cleaning got completed once my husband got home from work when I was home full-time.  One of us tended to our child while the other did whatever needed to be done.  If she was asleep we both would clean and cook together and maybe if we were lucky, watch a show on TV together.  

This hasn't changed since I returned to work full time nearly four months ago.

Where are you working now?

At one of the best companies on the planet - American Express.  

This is a great company for working parents to look into.    
(Opinions on this blog are my own, not of American Express)

Do you still nurse?  Yes!! I'm so happy about that since I had such a rough start when she was born.  Being at an extremely woman friendly employer helped to continue with nursing.  More on that later. 

Guilty?   Nope.  It made perfect sense to do this for our family at this time.  Just like it made perfect sense over a year ago to stay home during pregnancy. 

Who watches your kid?  Someone we absolutely trust and come to love like family.   

Were you bored at home?  Never.  This is the biggest lie ever - that staying home is boring.  
I always had things to do, and still have things to do - especially with my baby!

Are you sad about missing firsts?  At home I missed my baby's first rollover and then some while she was a newborn because I was sleep deprived enough to where I hallucinated that cats were everywhere in the house.  Babies are unpredictable and do what they want whenever they want to, not just from 8-5pm, M-F.  

Babies discover and do new things everyday and every thing a baby does each day is awesome.  It is really amazing as a parent to witness. 

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