Thursday, October 18, 2012

Why Dave is Home?

I love home interior magazines and dream about my future home being featured in one of the magazines I adore reading!  And show off!! 

Getting married was the thing that really made my imagination for decorating come to life.  In college I didn't give much thought.  

After our wedding, I wanted to show people what we bought to decorate our apartment and make it our first home so I kept posting tons of pictures on Facebook.

It got to the point where I realized I wanted to share my pictures with everyone and possibly get feel feedback (positive or constructive) hopefully from people that know what they're doing.  And talk about interiors, colors, furniture, etc.  

How I came up with the blog name:

Well....there's this golfer named Davis Love

And my husband's name is Dave.

I didn't want to do "Dave is Love" or "Alina + Dave" because it would seem like a newly-wed blog which I didn't want.  

You know, those blogs that have the girl always writing about their weekend, their "adventures" and "trials" and how they made smoothies and cook together and how they're so awesome in love, 


then they stop writing for months because there's nothing to write about their married life.  

Yeah, not for me.   I hand-write all that stuff in a journal which all the juicy details will be released to the public upon my death :) 

I realized I love two things: 

1. Being home with my husband after a long day of hard work for both of us
2. Decorating our place and anything that needs decorating/design in the home.

Then the thought came!

"Dave is Home"

This name hadn't been taken yet as a blog name, it was meant to be!!

To end this post I'll leave a picture of the two of us: 

(For those that want to know but don't want to ask, Argentina + South Korea = Awsum babiez)
June 1, 2012.  It was a beautiful day!
Wedding Photography by Amanda Abel

And this:

 It's true!  The best thing I have at home is the man I share it with.  He is gracious, generous and kind to me and everyone else.  I love being with him.  

I could live in a cave or trailer park as long as I'm with the man I love!  

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