Friday, February 15, 2013

Wrong number

Hi all.

Firstly, would like to thank all pinners that clicked the source link for Rain Cloud Baby Shower :-)
I know my blog isn't the coolest and I'm not the best writer but it did make me happy that you liked it enough to re-pin to your Pinterest board.

My nephew is a cute chubby 10 lb porker at 2 months.
I get excited every time I think about babies!  Hmmmm.....

Valentine's Day was good.  And funny...and also first day at new job for Dave!

What made yesterday funny?

At work, TONS of female employees received balloons, flower arrangements and other romantic work-appropriate gifts.
Employees have to go to the first floor to pick up their gifts at the security front desk; security will give a call to the recipient to come downstairs.

So....while working, I get a phone call, from the Security Front Desk. I saw it on the Caller ID and thought to myself:

"Somebody delivered a Valentine surprise for ME.   I wonder from whom...?"

^_^  <3

I answered the phone.

Me: "Finance: This is Alina"

Security: "Hello Alin...oh wait.  I called the wrong extension"



Lame security lol!  I couldn't help but laugh at myself.

Dave did surprise me by bringing me pink roses when he arrived home.  I immediately hung them upside down in the closet to dry.  Also a beautiful card.

I told him about what happened and he laughed along with me.

Dave does loving things every day for me.  So good and caring.  I enjoyed being with my sweetheart.  

Everyday with him is Valentines Day.

The candies, stuffed gorillas, and flowers will come and go.  But love is here to stay.

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