Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ann Taylor Loft purse for $2.

A few of you might know some of the stores I love to shop for home decor such as:

Home Goods
World Market
Tuesday Morning
DownEast Furniture Outlet
West Elm
Crate & Barrel
Burlington Coat Factory

Here is where I love to shop for most of my clothes and girl stuff.

Ann Taylor Loft
Ann Taylor
Nordstroms Rack
J Crew
Banana Republic
Old Navy
Burlington Coat Factory
Victoria's Secret
Bath and Body Works

Between the lines...


Yesterday I bought a nice blouse from BR at $25.
  This is online for $70??  Check it out HERE

I got the yellow one in medium.  I think the sizes run smaller

Then I went to Victoria's Secret

Whoever says this is a girl's store is lying. 

We ALL know that this store is for men!  

I got a free sample of perfume just for trying on a bra a couple months back.  

I loved the scent sooo much but I ran out.  I went to Vickies and this awesome sales associate asked if she could help me look for anything and I said: 

Yes!  I got this free sample of perfume, I loved the scent, I have to get it, I don't remember the name but it was in a dark pink bottle so help!

She said she'd ask someone to see what it was and she found out!  

It was "Very Sexy: Touch"  I ended up buying the gift set for $65.  

I've never bought a gift set before and never planned on it but I did.  

I think the awesome customer service from this associate did it.  

Shout out to her!

If you need a life change and promises of hopes and dreams, get a new scent of perfume

Last but not least, I bought this awesome pouch/purse at Ann Taylor Loft for


These usually run 25-30 bucks retail! 

I don't have a good picture but I'm posting a link of one that's similar to this link HERE

That's pretty much it for now..

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