Monday, April 15, 2013

Get nothing smaller than a king -size bed

If you are on the market to shop for a bed, get a king size bed if you can fit it in your room

Trust me.  It's the best.  I had been on a twin bed all my life and was set on going big when I got married.

Some reasons to get a king-size bed:

It's comfortable for two

It's comfortable for very pregnant ladies

It's very comfortable for one person.

If you have a smaller bed, chances are you'll opt for a king size later in life.

Unless you're in a studio.
Cuddling is rather pleasant in a twin bed.

Guest room before.  I already miss the pink sheets but hubby said they need to go.

The guest room now.  Still fun but more gender-neutral. 


  1. I loved the pink sheets too! :)
    I agree a King Size bed is the way to go. May I also say that a King size bed is perfect for 3? When I was too lazy to rock my baby to sleep or to feed him sitting in a chair I loved the fact that I could bring him in bed with me and there was still plenty of room.

    1. Yes! I look forward to that when I can snuggle a babe on the bed. Or two or three or four ....


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