Sunday, December 29, 2013

Pacifier Deportation

Running errands as parents now includes the task of placing child in her car seat. 

Of course she starts to cry.  She rather be held but that is just not going to happen in the car.

Dave turned to me and said:

"I want to use a pacifier.  Just this once. Where are they?"

"I had them deported"


"They're not here.  They're gone."

I had a bunch of pacifiers at home. I simply put them in my mom's suitcase before she left from her visit. I don't know if she found them yet but I know she won't go through the trouble of sending them back.  

I've had several people ask if I have a pacifier on me or say I should use a pacifier at the moment Baby begins to peep out a whimper.


I rather deal with one problem: crying

Instead of dealing with more problems resulting from pacifier use--plus crying.

All babies cry.  A  crying baby is not a measure of how one parents and babies don't cry to be annoying.  

I now notice that Baby has different cries for when she's hungry, wet, tired, or wants to be held.  

I just prefer to calm my baby by holding, swaying, talking, or swaddling her instead of popping latex in her mouth.  I think this is normal to do!  

One thing for sure: had I began using pacifiers to serve as an instant tranquilizer to crying, I would have missed witnessing the first of many beautiful flash-second smiles in her sleep.  

Even Dave gave me credit for that one. 


  1. you are awesome Alina! I hate pacifiers. everyone just gives me that look that's says... wait until you are a mother... I am a firm believer in letting a baby cry, not for hours on end but a little crying helps strengthen a baby's lungs and diaphragm. And as you said you miss things when you use a pacifier.

    1. YAY!! Finally somebody else who also feels the same way about pacifiers!!!!! It's tough living in a pacifier world. Yep crying is normal, and I believe we have to find out quickly why the baby is crying instead of popping a binky and delaying the problem.


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