Friday, March 28, 2014

Stay At Home Moms - Stay AWAY from "Home Based" Businesses

Not just SAHMs but to anyone that is involved with the following:

Mary Kay


Stella & Dot

Pampered Chef
Young Living

This list can go on.  The thing they have in common is that they are MLMs.  

There is nothing good about MLMs no matter what you're told.   

MLMs divide families and make families poorer than they were when they first got involved with it.

If you are working full-time, and invest in an MLM you will screw your job; the job that pays vacation, sick leave, health insurance, pension, and/or 401k.  Along with a steady paycheck.

Your co-workers will not know you too well other than you spam their work email about parties/events (against company policy by the way), solicit your products during lunch (they will avoid you or mention it in passing to your boss) and know you took vacation to go to a "conference" or traveled to sell/present to someone during the workday.   Your HR or hiring manager will laugh when you list MLM as applicable job experience on your resume and you may be out of the running for a real job when your background check flags out your negative credit score rating because you charged for thousands of dollars in inventory that you never end up selling.

Beyond the annoying party requests, meetings, presentations and such, I think the people who run MLMs are evil incarnate for running these scams at peoples' expense - anyone in a vulnerable point in their life that need something like extra money, more friends, a career, a purpose, a miracle cure etc.  

Every MLM you face say you can get any and all of the above INSTANTLY.  Reality aka "negative people in your life" will say that these things take time and effort, and in some instances, no miracle cure - accept what's true and live with it.  

To consultants

I wish I could say that it would work for you by deciding to be a consultant.

It is unlikely you will make any money.  

It is very likely you will have mounting debt from inventory, expenses, and travel.  

It is unlikely that you will be home with your family the longer you're in it.   

It is very likely you will be manipulated into ordering more than you sold at any given time.  You will be told you "need" inventory because you "can't sell from an empty wagon" 

You - the consultant - are the end consumer in the eyes of the company.  Those companies sell ONLY to consultants, and THIS IS HOW THE COMPANY MAKES THEIR MONEY.  

It is very likely you will keep hoping for a better month next month, and you will be told this by your sponsor/recruiter.

It is very likely that the product you sell is at least one of the following, or all:

  • Overpriced - any customer can get whatever you're selling at retail for better cost or FREE.  Your friends/family may just buy a candle or a tube of lipstick but that's it.  
  • Not proven by real science, or not approved by the FDA - the "research" is fake.  
  • Makes no life-changing difference in your skin, weight, time management etc
  • Makes no improvement in your health - or worse
  • Surprise! You will not sell as much as anticipated because of the reasons I've mentioned.    

In order to keep your status as a consultant to move up in the chain, your sponsor/recruiter will tell you to RECRUIT.  

Why do you want to get your friends to be consultants when you have been barely successful selling the product yourself?  

Your sponsors/recruiters are lying to themselves and to you about this “opportunity.” They are NOT your friends and they DO NOT have your best interests at heart.   

That company founder that you idolize who keeps telling you all the things you "need to hear to be successful in life" does not have your best interests at heart either.  

All of MLM  businesses are doing is trying to rape you - financially.   

Protect yourself from this happening to YOU.  Protect your loved ones that are involved.  

Remember, rape is NOT your fault.  Do not blame yourself for what happened. These companies are very good at tricking women (and men too) in making them believe that what they're doing is good and right for them and their family.  They use a thread approach.  One thread at a time, until you are handcuffed under threads of manipulation and lies of omission.  

This is a Mormon Ad but MLMs are notorious for preying
on the religious and abuse Jesus and God in their marketing

If you are a consultant whose fog has lifted I want to say that you CAN be successful outside MLM, as soon as you get out.     

Get out now.  

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