Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Help Family in Need Win a Van with Wheelchair Access

This young family needs your help!  Right now! 

The Stangers of South Weber, UT

They need the highest number of votes in their state before May 2014 to win a van with wheelchair access

Mom recently diagnosed in summer 2013 with a genetic disorder that is dislocating her joints and affecting her organs.  She is deteriorating physically and quickly.  

The only thing that is keeping her joints together is wearing braces and being confined to an electric wheelchair.

She relies on her husband who does the things she can no longer do.  Such as:

  • Take a shower or bath
  • Put on clothes
  • Play with their two babies
  • Brush her hair
  • Brush her teeth
  • Cook dinner for their family

In addition to doing all the things above, her husband must take the time to relocate her joints and tape them back together.  

Ever dislocated a joint? Remember how painful that was??  

Imagine several dislocated joints and putting them back together all day, and everyday.  This is a reality for this family.  

In her hardest moments when she cries from the pain and the frustration of no longer being able to do the things we take for granted on her own, her husband is her rock and has shown nothing but love, strength, and commitment to her and their little family.

Her husband has learned to carry her from the bedroom, to her wheelchair, from her wheelchair to the bathroom etc. all in effort to not dislocate her joints while moving her from one place to another.  

They do not have a van with wheelchair access because health insurance does not cover the cost of such vehicles.  In their situation, they cannot afford such a vehicle out of pocket.

Her husband has learned to take her out of her wheelchair, put her in the car seat, relocate her joints again and repeat the process all over again.  This is painful.

He wants nothing more than a van with wheelchair access to minimize the physical toll on his wife when transferring her place to place.  From the doctors' appointments, when visiting family, or just to get in the car to drive to the park and watch their kids play.

Vans such as these provide the facilitation in transportation for loved ones
in an electric wheelchair

The National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association is giving away wheelchair accessible vans to a winner in each state of the US.  They will announce the winners in May 2014.

If you read this post, you ARE able to help this family in 3 steps below:

1) Please vote for them to win in the state of Utah!  
Read more of their story and vote here.

2) Tell your friends to tell their friends to vote for them too.

3) Vote TODAY and EVERYDAY until May 2014.

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