Friday, April 25, 2014

Utah Moms Prefer Plastic Surgery over Vaccinating their Babies

I was surprised upon discovering that a lot of families in Utah do not vaccinate their children.

This came about after wondering why there were several billboards about vaccine advocacy while driving on I-15.  Isn't the majority of the population in Utah all about being healthy, up to the point of abstaining from tobacco, alcohol, and even coffee and tea?

Utah does have one of the highest rates for autism prevalence.  However, I don't believe that this alone is the reason many mothers in Utah opt out of vaccinating their children.

I think the low Utah vaccination rates are more due to a narcissistic mentality that is so prevalent in this state.

Jenny McCarthy has led a lot of moms to believe in her claims because she is a mommy just like them but to some Utah moms they want to look just as good as her, cuz she's a mommy too.

Any mom living in Utah can admit that they've seen this with women they know through their social circles.  This obsession with looking "perfect"

At church or in your neighborhood, it's all about looking better than the other moms and their imperfect kids.

Think about it:

  • The majority of women that opt for plastic surgery are white, married, and college educated.
  • The majority of mothers that refuse vaccinations are white, married, and college educated.   
  • The majority of the female population in Utah consist of white, married, and college educated women.  
  • Utah is notorious for plastic surgery because of white, married, and college educated women done with having lots of kids at an earlier age.   

To a "perfect" mom, her children would not be targeted by dangerous viruses or toxins because the children are her children.  Along with posting daily selfies on social media of what she wore, how she did her hair or how she looked at the gym, to enhance her "perfect/hot mom" image, she would never in her life create defective children.

To a "perfect" mom, needing to vaccinate suggests that she runs the risk of creating imperfect/defective children, or heaven forbid, they become autistic children, or have toxins in their perfect little bodies.

Not vaccinating her children is just a way for a Utah mommy with ridiculously flexible morals to feel superior to the rest of the Utah mommies and their imperfect children.

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