Monday, March 4, 2013

Pretty store finds and a SECRET revealed!!

Hi all!

I wish I could blog and decorate full-time.  One day.

I visit a lot of stores.  Sometimes several times during the week or my entire Saturday.  I'll blog about one of my favorite furniture stores that I think it's worth checking out.

DownEast Furniture Outlet
I went and visited two locations, one off of 80th South and 1300 E, and another on 12300 S and 700 E
This is a great place!  Still a bit pricey, BUT competitive.

Love the turquoise cabinet.

They have lots of nice couches/sets.  I didn't take pictures of all of them.  I think my MIL should get something like this if she's in the market for them.

DownEast has some of the nicest headboards around but they don't have any good ones in a king-size!   Anything smaller than a king-size is too small for me!

What is it with people wanting to sleep in a bed smaller than a king? :-)  

This is the going rate for most garden stools in this particular style. but I'm still trying to see which store sells it for less, only because I read a blog where someone got a garden stool for $10.  They come in a variety of colors and perfect for an end table for a living room.

 I took this picture a while back. This says SOLD but I went to this same location on Saturday and it's still there.  This is a wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am statement coffee table.  It's supposed to come with a glass top.

Modern looking armchair.

And now for a revealed secret at DownEast!

If you look at the price tag and the barcode says "800...." it's from them.  DownEast has its own list of vendors that they can order an item for you.

DownEast also gets furniture from other big name stores but they are not allowed to say from whom.  Those items have their barcode list at "100...."

Does this look familiar to anyone??

I do!

This is from 


Parsons tower white lacquer

Check out West Elm HERE for proof! 

At WestElm it's $550

But at DownEast, it's $330!!

Here's another item from West Elm at DownEast at a discount

This can be yours for $180 instead of $300 HERE

Imagine that!  Anyhow, I think a lot of people don't know because West Elm recently opened a few months ago in Salt Lake.  The furniture is basically in near perfect condition.

For the price of ONE new West Elm bookcase...

you can easily buy a WestElm bookcase AND a coffee table at DownEast.

You'll have to go to both DownEast locations.  They aren't together at the same store. 

Somebody please buy them!  

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