Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mummy Exhibit

Dave and I went to see a highly anticipated exhibit of mummies, animal and human in downtown SLC with our friends.

If you look close, this mummy has his/her eyelashes intact!

I was a bit weirded out at first but was amazed to see at how well-preserved the mummies were.  But it made me think about what would I like for my body after death.  I looked at some stuff on the internet about it.

I discovered online that for the price tag of $67,000 you can be mummified too by the Summum group also here in Salt Lake City.

View webpage HERE

As for my preferences, I would like to have my body/organs donated to those that need it, cremate the remainder of what's left, and use the ashes to make a lab-created diamond.  A diamond is forever and I think it's a nice reminder of a person, whose memory you want to last forever. 

I asked Dave "If I go first, would you make me into a diamond??"  :-D

Whatever your preference, I think it's important to go with the wishes of the deceased of their burial plans, because that can provide the closure you need when they pass on.  


  1. i want to be cremated too! but i never thought they could turn me into a diamond. great idea!!!

  2. I really hope this diamond thing is legit! I don't want them to send my family a diamond not made with my ashes! That's cool you want to be cremated, it is a better use of space and resources than a traditional burial. Plus nothing can stop God from resurrecting a person whether they were cremated intentionally or unintentionally like in a plane crash.

    PS If I go first, make sure Dave respects my wishes to be cremated. He's still trying to get used to the idea. ;-)


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