Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Nesting Tables

I caught my eye on this on my recent visit to Home Goods here.

These are called "nesting tables"  they are perfect for your small home/room.  You need all the surface space you can get.   And they come in so many styles, sizes, and materials.

I love the antique bronze and beveled mirrors of this nesting table set.  I should have bought it but I didn't because at the time I couldn't think of where to place it.  I hope they still have it on sale.

I could see it in our bathroom.  The bathroom is clean and sparkly but it lacks personality and I think it would be fun focal point instead of our toilet plunger.  I also want to hang a picture frame too.

I think it would be perfect next to our armchair in our bedroom, that's where I've seen most nesting tables placed.

Some inspirational thought to end the post.

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