Saturday, May 4, 2013

Corrective Vision Surgery

I wasn't born with perfect vision but decided to fix that with a medical intervention  I'll blog briefly about my experience, but mostly on costs.

This is my eye.  During surgery, I could only see the eerie "Ring" thing

If you're thinking about having it done, you should do it!

If you are hesitant about the cost of surgery just know that...  

If your vision is lousy, it is worth every. single. cent. going through with this surgery

I've lived with extremely poor vision as a kid and wore glasses and contacts.  

Around 2010, I came to the realization that I was completely USELESS and couldn't do ANYTHING if I didn't have my glasses or contacts on.

That was it!!!! 

It was scary not being able to see. 

How to curb some of the costs for your surgery.

Get your eye exam and be cleared for surgery before your employer's open enrollment.

Why? You'll know first whether you need the surgery.  Second you can determine how much money you can put in a flex-savings-account (if offered) before open enrollment to cover the surgery and other costs like eye drops.  Not to mention the tax savings there.  

The surgery cost about $4800, but my employer had a $1100 discount incentive (I worked at the U, and had my surgery at the Moran Eye Center).

The FSA gave me the money upfront to pay for the surgery, and then during the year, I had small amounts deducted from each paycheck to make up for the thousands of dollars I put into the FSA that year. That was manageable instead of losing a whole chunk of cash, just take a small portion each pay period. 

Ready, aim, fire!

The FSA was good in another way.  I freaked out before surgery ("OMG my eyes are going to be burned off?!?!?!?!?!") but didn't back out because I would lose all the money I put in the FSA if I didn't go through with the surgery.  So greedy and stingy. 

There are always affordable options to pay for eye surgery, but I think the FSA was the best option for me.  

I was legally blind without corrective lenses, about 20/800.  I'm seeing 20/20 and couldn't be happier.  

Last time wearing glasses and looking at a camera with blurry vision!

LASIK/PRK is honestly one of the best things to spend a lot of money on, and you'll enjoy great vision for the rest of your life. 

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