Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Picking the perfect china pattern

One of the things you might do during your wedding planning or planning your registry is picking out a china pattern

It is beautiful, timeless, and keeping up with tradition.

But it can make you shell out a bundle of cash.  Hence the invention of the wedding registry; guests would divy up buying a place setting so that the bridal couple could have a china pattern ready for their first dinner party.  Also a marketing strategy for department stores to secure brides as customers for life.

Some thoughts if you are dead set on getting your own china pattern and refuse to use your grandma's china pattern.

1. Pick something simple

Your taste and style can change twenty years down the road.  A careful research on china patterns show that a few patterns remain in open stock since the '70s, like the Lenox Solitaire pattern.






If you register for an expensive and/or trendy china pattern, there is a good chance that:

  • you won't receive a lot of place settings as gifts
  • the pattern gets discontinued after finally saving enough money to afford a set for a dinner party
  • later down the road you'll realize that the color of your plates don't match with anything in the house.  
  • you may use it only three times in 20 years. 

2. Gold or silver band?

Pick the dishes with the silver/platinum band. If your pattern is gold-plated, most tableware is silver in color and will not match with gold plating.

3. The food should be the star of the show, not the dishes

Food matters!

4. Shop and compare wholesale prices.  
Sometimes the department store charges a premium for these pretty plates and teacups.  Look online and have an idea of how much to spend.

5. You should buy place settings depending on what you usually eat/cook, and how many people you plan to serve.

For us, it was pointless to buy a 4 piece place setting.  For one, we don't have teatime or even drink tea.
Since we covered most of the wedding expenses ourselves, we skipped this tradition and decided to worry about it later.

After the wedding, we got a coupon in the mail from Burlington Coat Factory for buying an item at $10 or more and receive $10 off.  We paid a visit to the store close to us.

Burlington is a ghetto mess at times, but we walked out with eight white dinner plates marked at $9.99  The box was a bit dented but the plates were in perfect condition.

Got this for FREE and couldn't be happier.

Two of the eight free dinner plates

I couldn't left Burlington without buying something so I picked this flower for $4.99 along with our free plate purchase.  

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