Thursday, May 30, 2013

Clutter Contraction

My biggest peeve is holding on to junk and "stuff"

I even don't like having a ton of pins on my Pinterest boards, especially on my boards for recipes and crafts.  When I have a few minutes to spare, I would delete some pins here and there so I don't get depressed about not trying out a recipe or a craft item to make.

I live in a small space and I absolutely hate paper clutter.  I can't believe how much paper can pile up.

Since I'm now home for some time, I spent a good six hours shredding and sorting out some paper documents today.

My husband is a clean person! Thank goodness for that!!!!

But when I need to clean, I like for him to be out of the house and out of my way :)

I also look at our apartment, and feel that our apartment is "bigger" than the others in our complex because we try to avoid bringing in things to our home that will take up space and feel crowded.

Before my mission I would hold on to everything because I "may need it for the future" or for posterity's sake.  But then I see the news of how people lose everything in wildfires, floods, tornados and the like.  

As a missionary, I could only have everything I owned fit in two suitcases.  It was common to get a phone call the night before to pack my things and be ready to arrive to a new area the next day.

The mission experience helped me when I moved around a lot during college and after.

I also notice I am happier and less stressed when my home isn't filled with so much stuff.

I dream of one day owning a home that is 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms.  I really don't want a McMansion and wasting space, utilities, and air for empty rooms.  And buying more stuff just to fill up the space.

I don't own a ton of clothes, and still plan to give more away.  Less clothes mean less laundry to do.

Less things to want, means less stuff to buy, and more money saved.

Less things mean less stuff to pick up from the floor.  (If you can't pass a vacuum on the floor, it's a mess.  Pick whatever is on the floor and put it or throw it away.)

I notice that when I give something or throw it away, I don't regret it.  Or remember it.  It's done and gone.

Less stuff is less problems and less work.

I am so glad that the majority of the paper clutter is GONE.

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