Monday, June 24, 2013

A baby can do no wrong in this world...


I'm pregnant!

Surprise if you haven't figured it out already!

Idiot-proof pregnancy test
Our beanie at 8-9 weeks

We're expecting a little girl. :-D

We're halfway there!!  Everything is going great.  The baby's heartbeat is at 157 beats at the 20 week appointment today.  Good baby!!

I hope it looks a lot like Dave.  We can all agree that Asian babies are the cutest.

Since I'm Latina....quiero una chiniiiiiiiiiiiitaaaaaaaaaaa!

One surprise was how much I'm enjoying pregnancy especially my own changing body.  I think I look better now than I ever did.  My pregnancy made me realize how important it is to not only exercise but eat healthier.  My change in diet and exercise helped maintain a normal weight, normal blood pressure (SO important during pregnancy) and no pregnancy stretch marks. The secret really and exercise!  Lots of water and fresh fruit.  NO COKES.

I had a goal to get my black belt this year but my martial arts training is on sabbatical since I felt it would be better for me and baby to switch for a bit to avoid injury and overheating. I now walk, do leg presses, and water aerobics/swimming.  I loooove being in the water.

Aww...where's the bump?!

There it is

Before visit today

Since I'm wondering...and everyone's wondering: "HOW WILL THIS BABY LOOK LIKE?"

Some ideas below.

I would be surprised and disappointed if our baby girl is born BALD.  I want to do more than put a flower headband on a baldie....

Baby mugshot of Dave before adoption

Alina with alien eyes

Will she have curly hair?

I'm a triplet! I'm in the middle.  Will she look like me or
like her tias?

My poor sweet baby Dave arriving from S. Korea
He came with nothing but the clothes on his back!
He got everything with a beautiful new family!
Will she have his angelic round face?

Let's hope she has his eyes ^_^

Now I can get ready for this!!

Princess fairy!!

What we would have picked out if it was a boy

But it's going to be PINK!  

Sending positive baby dust for everyone who's planning for babies!

Babies, however they may come through our lives (surprise, planned, adoption etc)...can do no wrong in this world.

What's the best thing about having a baby?

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  1. Their little snuggles. And then their smiles. :)


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