Thursday, June 27, 2013

Blender Bender

I'm no smoothie junkie that puts flaxseed and green stuff in their drink but if I have fruit, milk and some ice cream I want to blend it!

Because of that I spent $30 on a blender about 3-4 months ago.  I like it, gets the job I want done.

I didn't mind taking the blender apart to clean. But my problem is that I can't remember where I put things. 

This Oster blender comes with its parts: 

The Blade

This is called a gasket

The O ring/rubber seal

I couldn't find this ring ANYWHERE after washing dishes last Tuesday.  Without it, the contents in the blender will leak!

I was frustrated because I wanted a drink and wasn't about to go out to pay for a drink.  I had everything I needed for my shake!

I looked at the warranty and I didn't have my receipt for a replacement. 

So when you buy a fancy kitchen gadget, keep the receipt too. 

I also looked into replacement o-rings online but leery of the validity of buying them online.

After doing some dumpster diving with my poor husband to look for this seal, (thinking I threw it away by accident) I toyed with the idea of buying a blender where I wouldn't have to separate its parts to clean and never run into losing parts again!  That seemed like the best of all available options.

We looked online, and asked for recommendations.

I ended up ordering this last Thursday. With a gift card and coupon I saved $60.  It looked promising and within my budget for a new blender.

After making my purchase I emptied the dishwasher





I swore I looked in the dishwasher before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The new blender arrived day before yesterday but I returned it yesterday to get something else.  

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