Sunday, June 2, 2013

Alina is Home (for now)


Last week I decided to quit my job for personal reasons.
(Disclaimer: IMO, don't quit your job unless you have a Plan B and have full support of those who really love and care for you) 
I was able to do this without fear or regret because we have a chunk of savings.

I don't have a secret recipe to save a lot money, or get out of debt.  And you don't need a high-paying job to do so.

It is more of deciding what can you live without to build savings/get debt-free.

Do you need to go out to a movie every weekend?
Do you need to go on lots of vacations?
Do you really need new clothes?
Do you really need to go to a salon to get your highlights and nails done?
Do you really need to smoke, drink, and/or eat crap to damage your body and end up paying more for healthcare and dentists?

A lot of our savings we still have because we didn't blow it all for the wedding reception.  (and we've been married a year!!  Hooray!)

Do you need to spend a lot on photography?
Do you need to have a videographer?
Do you need to have a luncheon/dinner?
Do you need to have your invitations engraved?
Do you need to have your honeymoon overseas?
Do you need to have chair covers?
Do you need to have an expensive wedding ring (while making payments on it)
Do you need to have your wedding reception at a place other than a cultural hall?  

Those are just thoughts of mine.  It just matters what's important to you and what can you live without.

During this time between looking for a new job and resting, I decided that is this the opportunity to try some different and enriching things while being domestic like cleaning, cooking, and doing laundry for my man! 

I want to learn how to sew!  I'm a bit intimidated by sewing but I got to try it now that I have a sewing machine.

I also want to get familiar with blog design since my blog isn't cute.  It is a nice break from spreadsheets while still working with my brain.  I do like spreadsheets though and make people believe that I am smart.  Dave says I'm smart ^_^.  

I also want to get more serious with my calligraphy too.

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