Monday, October 14, 2013

Dave is Home Makeover and Upcoming GIVEAWAY

Dave is Home has a new look!  

I finally figured out how to add links below my blog title thanks to some online reading and help from one of Dave's friends.  I learned that this is called a "menu bar"

I also made some cosmetic updates.  I don't know anything about coding or graphics.  Only enough to know that I can view the source code of a couple blogs I liked and copied and pasted some cosmetic coding in CSS and played around with it.  

It's still a work in progress, there are still some things I want to tweak on.  

I wanted to improve the look of the blog since I'm doing a legit book review and wanted to make the blog look nice for the FREE book giveaway so...keep your eyes out for it.  

Other stuff, I'm becoming more physically similar to Humpty Dumpty and getting ready for the baby that's coming soon.  Weekly visits to the doctor now.  She's getting bigger and my bladder has become her punching bag.  

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