Friday, October 11, 2013

Five Ways to Prevent Stretch Marks

The first piece of advice I got upon announcing my pregnancy was...stretch marks!

Some tips to prevent the tiger stripes on the belly.  No guarantees but this is what I do.

#1  "Don't scratch your belly! You will get stretch marks!!"

I heard this A LOT.  But only from Latinas.  I have yet to hear this piece of advice from a white chick.

I haven't scratched my belly.  I don't know if scratching is really the root cause of stretch marks but I'm prone to get them.  I have some old ones on the back of my thighs to rapid weight gain and loss waaay before pregnancy.  Meh.  That being said....

#2 Watch your weight!

You DO gain stretch marks by gaining weight too fast.  Exercise and diet are optimal but what you eat is key!  There are many days in pregnancy where you'll feel like a beached whale and not move, much less exercise.

Therefore, do your best to monitor your cravings, watch your portions, and eliminate foods and drinks that guarantee fatty status.
#3 Exfoliate your belly

Once a day when I shower, I exfoliate my belly by using a homemade scrub made of salt, olive oil, and essential fragrance.  The oil helps to minimize the itching.  The salt helps to remove dead skin cells.  I also noticed that it slowly faded my old stretch marks.  

#4 Apply lotion and ointments.  

I have more than plenty of bottles and samples of lotions so I'm trying to use up what I have already.  I don't have a preference for lotion for pregnancy, other than that the fragrance can't bother me.  Lotion is lotion, and it feels good.  I try to generously apply lotion around twice a day, all over my body after I shower and right before I go to bed.

Ointments are fabulous for itch relief!  Especially in this dry weather.   I tried both and they have the same results.  They feel the same but mum + bub is organic and has a pleasant fragrance.

If you still feel itchy in bed, wash your sheets and use softener.... 

#5 Drink lots of water!!!

Aside from keeping skin elastic, drinking water prevents a ton of preggo problems like: protein and sugar in urine, kidney stones, back aches, leg cramps, and edema.  In addition, drinking water helps mothers stay energized during labor and nourishes breast milk supply after birth.

Nothing yet.  But we'll see.  They can come anytime.  

Any other tips or lore you know of to prevent stretch marks?  

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