Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Old dogs are the best dogs

I am not a dog person!!!

Didn't grow up with dogs as a kid, had a phobia of being bit by them, and dealt with more than enough weird dogs while proselyting as a missionary in Brazil.

I would be perfectly fine without one for the rest of my life!


I love only one dog.  My in-law's dog.  She's perfect.  She's old.

Meet Sadie!  The sweetest, fluffiest doggy around.  She does request her dog food to be seasoned with chicken bullion.

When I began dating Dave, I knew that he was a good guy and would be a good parent because of how well he treated this little old lady and took good care of her.   That being said: RUN FOR THE HILLS if your significant other has a pet and it's not well-fed and taken care of.


Old dogs are PERFECT for anti-dog lovers like me because they don't do stuff that drives anti-dog lovers batty.  Here's why:

Old dogs don't jump on you.

Old dogs don't jump on your bed.

Old dogs are potty-trained (okay, rare accidents do happen, but they're old so let them out often)

Old dogs sleep most of the time.

Old dogs don't chew on your stuff.

Old dogs don't wear you out.  Especially when you're pregnant.

Old dogs love you just the same.

If we ever get a dog, I want to adopt an old rescue dog.  They are the first ones to be euthanized and that's so sad, because they are probably the best dogs to have around.

I'm dog sitting Sadie this week.  Today I was trying to see where in the house she went and I was able to find her because of her snoring.

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