Saturday, November 17, 2012

7 Pieces of Wedding Planning Advice to Ignore

When you pick up a bridal magazine and flip through the wedding planning advice section... the  "advice"... is really a tactic for vendors to make more money off brides and in the case of department stores, suck you in as customers for life.

  In the case of today's post it should read "Bad Wedding Planning Advice:  EXPENSIVE as S___!!!!!
*not liable

Below is a list of costly wedding advice that you should not take heed to doing.

At the bakery:

"You'll need a wedding cake and a groom's cake"

When shopping for a Gown:

"You'll need one gown for the ceremony and another gown for the reception, and different undergarments for both"

At the jewelry store:

"You need to budget two month's salary for her engagement ring"

At the department store:

"Register for everything at various price points so that your guests can know your tastes and have several options to purchase a gift for you."

At the photographer's studio:

"Your wedding will be a complete blur. You'll need coverage from two photographers from the time you wake up in the morning to get ready and all the way to when you walk into your hotel room.   You'll need albums and DVDs for your family too."

Before your trial hair-do:

"You need at least three sessions to do your bridal hair.  One for your bridals, one for trial and one for the day of.  We can add additional trial runs to achieve your perfect look."

At your trial run for your wedding day hair:

"This smoothie is awesome.  The berries are from the Amazon.  You drink it twice a day a week before your wedding and you won't have any breakouts."

As long as you aren't capricious and not have a perfect day mentality, you'll be able to sort out what you want and don't need or don't care to have at your wedding.  You will be able to sort out the unnecessary and good advice on wedding planning.  

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