Thursday, November 1, 2012

Why you should shop at Home Goods Early and Often

Tonight I went to Home Goods because I haven't been there in almost two weeks and it's Thursday.  My husband is so nice and smart, he doesn't want me to stay put in the house all night after coming home from work so we went together to look at some items at my favorite place in the world second to home with my husband!  The store had re-stocked and moved around some items, as anticipated (Home Goods in Murray always re-stocks every Monday and Thursday), which is the main reason I go there often.  Other decor stores don't restock as fast.  It is seriously a treasure hunt at Home Goods and you might see something that is the only thing there that is absolutely PERFECT, like our new bedding ;-).  Also you can't shop for anything online, you physically have to go to the store and see what's there!  They do have a store locator online so go there and find the nearest Home Goods store near you!  You won't be disappointed.

Currently at Home Goods I'm looking for the two perfect side tables for our bedrooms, two lamps, and some wall art.  We walked out not buying anything, but we were close to purchasing some photographic prints but decided to rest on that.  However...I saw one customer with her cart and I was sooo envious of her soon-to-be purchase, because it was the only one left at the store! Oh how I wish I was there earlier to snatch that wall art! She had this wall art wrapped IN CANVAS that read:

Argh...that would totally look perfect in my, I mean...our office/guest bedroom!!  I want the office space to have a "boutique" like feel to it.  A lot of pinks and whites...with flowers and crystal cut candlesticks...but not overly Paris Hilton-esque.  Her decor is super cute and glam-bam but I'm trying to steer away from zebra prints :)

I went and googled the poster online and found something very cool.  At, you can take a picture of your room and decorate it with wall art that you're thinking of!  That's great since I'm still up in the air with the white space adjacent to our dining room table.   

The dining area incomplete with empty wall space.  Centerpiece: Wedding gift, Dining table: Kohl's Paradise Valley Collection, upholstered chairs: Ikea, low-pile rug: Ikea

Bed and frame from Knight's Mattress.  Bedding from Xhilaration at Target. White shelves and desk from Crate & Barrel.  Chair was from roommate that moved out of apartment and she let me have it!

Anyone here can relate to their shopping cart envy experiences?  Do tell!

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