Sunday, November 25, 2012

Pros and Cons of a Summer Wedding

Our apartment is freezing today and I'm snuggling with DH for warmth along with a couple layers of comforters.

I thought of our summer wedding since our 6 month anniversary is approaching soon.

My parents got married in June.  We got married in June.

Why do people decide to get married in June and others in different months?

Some ideas I'm listing here for anyone who's deciding what time of the year to get married.

Pros of having a summer wedding

  1. More people can take time off to travel to your wedding; by then they would have accumulated a week's worth of vacation pay.  Except if you started a new job in April (me).  
  2. Flowers are plentiful, variety of options and less costly
  3. You can celebrate your wedding anniversary when the kids are not in school
  4. Fruit is plentiful during this time as an item on your buffet menu.
  5. Other brides: you can buy their reception decor for a fraction of the cost when their wedding is over.
  6. Better gifts.  If you have your wedding soon after the winter holidays, chances are people will be broke.

Cons of having a summer wedding

  1. Compete for reception and/or ceremony location
  2. Reception and/or ceremony location rental is pricier  $$$$$$$$
  3. The weather can be hot, especially if you have layers and layers of ruffle and gown.
  4. Compete for decent wedding photographer
  5. Less room to haggle for food and venue rental costs
  6. Other brides: your guests will have to decide whose wedding to attend.  My cousin's wedding was three weeks after mine.

Any other pros/cons you can think of?  Share below.

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