Sunday, November 4, 2012

Items that cost $20 to buy

On Saturday, I went shopping with Dave at Tuesday Morning, the Outlet, and Ikea.

Tuesday Morning isn't the best place for your buck to buy lamps and there isn't much of a selection for them.

There are interesting furniture pieces but it's pricey and there are some minor flaws with the furniture. It is worthwhile to go there to buy higher-end bedroom sheets; decent thread count and the price is very good for them.

At Tuesday Morning, we set our eyes on this basket!

We had been looking for several months for the right basket at the right price to go under our console table as a place to store our quilts.  The size, style, color, and durability of this basket was perfect.  The selling price was $20, that was the best price for similar baskets.
(sorry for the lighting but I'm not a photographer and didn't want to spend time editing)

The Outlet is next door to Tuesday morning so we made sure to stop there.  Lots of dining chairs, tables, and rugs for sale.

If you're looking for eclectic or extremely modern chair pieces, check this store out.  Didn't find anything that we liked and some furniture pieces had major flaws.  It's still worthwhile to at least check the store out, it's a hit-or-miss.

Since we were already in the Sandy/Draper area, we decided to check out Ikea.

The things we've bought from Ikea were the TV stand (expensive and very hard to assemble), the dining chairs, a potato masher, a vegetable peeler, and the rug.

I think a lot of stuff at Ikea is too expensive, especially when you have to assemble it yourself.  But there are things that look nice and affordable, especially for students that need to decorate their dorm room.

Another reason to check out Ikea is that you can buy brand new picture frames for a very good price!  If you can make time, you can spray paint your frames any color you want.  We bought four 8x10 frames for a total of $20 as well.

I am so excited, I know exactly where I want them placed and can't wait to show you all in the next post!

To end this post, I'll also include two more items that cost $20 each to buy, these pillows that are on our couch.
 Ruffle pillow from Target, bigger pillow from Home Goods.  Both sold for $20 at their respective stores.  

One day, I'll figure out how to buy several items for a total of $20.

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