Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bathrobe is a great present

Long break out vacationing in TX and now back to work.

Looking forward to another year together with Dave.

2012 went by so fast! 

I think time flies when you're in love. ^_^

I'm so happy!

Being married to Dave is great!  He does not stress me out.  None of that first year is super hard stress. 

I think if you are happy and honest with each other while dating and then engaged, your marriage will be fine with nothing to fear.  

For Christmas, Dave asked me what I wanted and I told him I wanted a bathrobe.  

I got the idea after seeing a Christmas mail advertisement from Ulta Cosmetics.

I was thinking he would get me a regular bathrobe made out of towels.

Dave ended up picking out a super nice bathrobe from this place HERE

From Soma Intimates.  
Worth checking out if you don't want a "PINK" or "VS" written on your undies ;-).  Just sayin'

I doubt men read my blog but this is a GREAT gift option for your wife. 

My bathrobe is so soft. Wearing it makes me feel very pretty. The color is great too. 

It keeps me warm during these cold winter months.  I've been wearing this a lot at home.

A wonderful present!!! And this bathrobe is on sale too.  I have a size L/XL but it fits fine for me. 

Happy New Year 2013 and 7 months of marital bliss! 

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