Sunday, January 20, 2013

How to agree with your spouse on anything

There are lots of things we agree on.

There are some things we differ on, such as where to eat, what movie to watch and decorating taste.  Neither what we like is "wrong", just different.

My style

From one of the most beautiful blogs ever HERE

His style

From Dave's pinboard.  1 of 3 pins in his entire account


1. Ask questions

2. Wrestle it through like this below.

From this weird fan page HERE

3. Then get the thing you both agree on.  Or go the restaurant you both agree on.  Or watch the movie you both want to watch

4. If not, then repeat Step 2, until you reach Step 3. Don't worry, it shouldn't last that long because you'll both be tired and waste no time coming to a decision.

It works.

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