Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Alina in a Movie!

A short movie that is.

I'm a Latter-day Saint (Mormon).  The Church has a movie department that produces items such as  public service announcements about families, movies about the Church in its early years, and Bible segments.  

Below some of my favorites

"Lasting Marriage: An older couple explains to a younger couple how they use their hobbies to keep their patience"

"Having Children in Faith"  I love how they have the biracial couple (black and white) and the Asian baby ^_^

With the break in YouTube, the Church has done numerous media clips to post online.  They are worth checking out HERE

I got into doing Church movies about two summers ago, the Church had a huge New Testament project and needed extras for their scenes.  They needed people that "looked like they stepped out of the pages of the New Testament"

I decided to sign up since a lot of people over the years have asked me if I was of Middle or South Eastern descent.  Nobody can guess that I speak Spanish!  My ancestry is from Spain but I remember my mother mentioning that our line even went back to Morocco, so I could have Arab in me. 

I signed up on the Church's talent database and made the final cut for the New Testament project! So I can brag I walked where Jesus walked, on set that is ;-)

I'm in first row, second to right

Eating breakfast before being on set, I asked the actor who played John "which one of these guys is Jesus?" And he replied "oh you'll definitely recognize him once you see him." Yup.  The actor who portrayed Jesus really looked like someone who would be Jesus :-D

I got to be in two New Testament clips as an extra.  You'll see me in the first 1 minute of this clip.  I'm wearing a blue headband.  

Yesterday, one of the producers called me to see if I'd be interested in a paid role. 

Um, yeah! 

The Church is producing a religious freedom announcement and the director himself wanted me to audition for the role of a "contemporary Muslim female college student."  Must be those eyebrows of mine :-)

When the producer called me, I told him I am 21 weeks pregnant and starting to show, so I understood if I couldn't get the role because c'mon it doesn't look right to be single and pregnant, especially since the role is portraying a conservative and modest woman.  

The producer asked me to send pictures of myself with the bump and a couple hours later said that the director still wanted me to come and audition TODAY. 

Maybe they'll edit out the bump in filming?

Back in high school, we had a huge Cultural Fair that pretty much rocked. They had the Islamic booth and I was able to see how I looked like wearing a hijab. Remembering that from ten years ago, I know I'd definitely look the part!

Wish me luck with auditioning! 

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