Friday, August 9, 2013


Oh dear.  Another mommy/pregnancy post.  Anyhow. 

A diaper, whether it is cloth or disposable does the same thing: collect pee and poo.

They both look gross and smell bad after use.

I did look into cloth vs disposable diapers, and weighed the pros and cons.  I realized what may be a pro/con for one family may not be a pro/con for another family.  

Washing poopy diapers on a constant basis is not appealing for me.  Nor is paying someone else to wash them, and keep them smelly and dirty until pickup.  Plus I'm already polluting the air with my car and polluting the water with dirty laundry water.  And our washer/dryer is TINY, it is expensive enough for washing and drying multiple loads. Using hot water is expensive.

I don't even like the idea of keeping dirty disposable diapers in the house!  Once removed from the baby, it needs to be thrown away OUTSIDE in the trash asap.  

Now I've decided on disposables, I'm set on beating the system with reducing costs of paying for  disposables.  

I went around earlier this week and started my price-booking on diapers.  The stores I've been to so far are:

  • Target
  • WalMart
  • Babies R Us
  • Rite Aid

I still need to look at: 

  • Walgreens
  • Family Dollar
  • buybuy Baby
  • Smith's

I did not check into Costco.  The diaper savings aren't much different, and combined with the membership, it isn't a good deal.  Also I've been reading that Amazon Mom keeps changing its discounts (well it can because it's a free service) so I am not sure about getting diapers delivered.   So the plan now is to buy small packs locally.  

Bigger quantities of diapers isn't always better cost-wise!  
Smaller packs of diapers are generally a better deal than the jumbo size boxes per diaper, if you calculate the price per diaper.    

From a coupon perspective, you can buy 3 packs of 50ct diapers, print out 3 $1.50 off manufacturer coupons and save more.  Stack them with a store coupon and save more.  If there's a store deal (buy one get one FREE), even better.  

If you get a 150 ct box of diapers, you can only use one $1.50 off coupon.   

Also I have no idea what diaper our baby will like so I figured if there is a brand of diapers that sucks,  I could go through the small pack quicker and get another brand in a small pack size.  

Obviously the generic brands are cheaper.  I am not picky on brands (although I hear Pampers is great).  I figured it is pointless to spend more money on a specific brand when it's still going to get soiled and thrown away.  Plus it's important to change a baby's diaper often.  

The drugstores like Rite Aid and Walgreens are usually the best per price.  
Walmart is good too, especially with their generic.  
Target also is good.
I think all stores are just need to be the first to know when there is a sale.  And have some coupons ready!!  There are always coupons for Luvs, Huggies, and Pampers.  

If all else fails with my diaper cost savings plans, I'll financially exploit our baby girl to be in diaper commercials.  
What a cutie!!!  

Any other suggestions or financial mistakes to avoid when buying diapers??  Help me out....


  1. After 2 kids and thousands of diapers...and Landon and I being very much money savers as well :)...we have found that they are always cheaper at Costco! you might save a few pennies here and there if you have a coupon other places, but it's not always worth your time (and time get super valuable when that baby comes). Costco will have a $6 off 1 box diapers coupon every month, so there is no way you can beat that anywhere else. and you HAVE to go with a name brand. Our boys would stink way worse, or get rashes, or you have to change them more often in generic diapers, and they blow out easier so you go through more clothes. We love Huggies the best. the elastic band keeps everything in...and sometimes 1 diaper will last the whole day! Pampers are great if your baby has sensitive skin, but there is no elastic and poop comes out way easier. Sorry for being so long! After 4 years of diapers I guess I just have a very strong opinion! haha. hope that helps.

  2. Kaylene, thank you for sharing! 4 years of diapers, wow!

    I've been on the fence about getting a Costco membership, but my MIL offered to get me a year membership as a birthday gift so I might take her offer on that ^_^, and figured I wouldn't lose anything in buying diapers at Costco with the $6 coupon. Especially since baby will go through the most diapers in the first year. I price booked it and yes, at Costco it is a great deal for Huggies, perhaps the best price for a name brand. Kirkland not so much. I also heard the wipes are very good too at Costco.

    I still would like to give generic diapers a chance though when they are cheaper than Costco, but try them out in a smaller quantity (especially with a buy one, get one free sale), and depending on the store, be able to get points back and apply it back to the purchase.


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