Thursday, August 8, 2013

Pregnancy Musings #2

I didn't get any offers for the positions I interviewed at.  

But that's fine!  I had already decided that if I didn't get a job offer by August, I will halt my job search and get ready for baby ^_^

Later I will go back to work when I feel it's right to do so.  Maybe I will pursue grad school instead.  

I always think it's good for women to work outside of the home. It's like insurance for your family if something unexpected happened.  

Of course I used to dread a lot about staying home back when I worked.   

Some things I worried about a lot as a full time college educated professional and not worry about anymore:

"You will be bored at home" 
Guess what??
I can get bored at work too!  Especially since my ultimate professional goal is to get a job that is all glory, great pay, and no effort.  Most likely I will have to invent this job description.  I wouldn't be able to by moving up the ladder at several places.  

I haven't been bored at home.  Just lazy, since it feels like a long term vacation :-D  Slowly working on a routine.    

"You won't be successful in your career if you don't have a job"
Guess what??
I don't consider it a career success if you just work for someone else.  Every. freaking. day. until. retirement.  This may be true for some but not for me.  
For me, a career success would be to have people work for me.  A career success is that business keeps going as usual, without me needing to be there if I'm the owner.  
I don't consider people successful if they are working to make money.  The successful ones make their money work for them.  At some point I don't want to work for money!

Also not working for someone else gives you lots of time to think of possible new business ideas that have been hibernating in your brain.  Having a full-time job, all I would think about was the job at hand and nothing else.  

If my ideas don't work, then I can always go back to work again.  Simple as that.  

"You won't have money"
Guess what??
I have savings!  I wouldn't have quit if I was broke!  And I saved more when I made LESS money back in the day.  If you're spending more than what you earn, you look for ways to cut expenses, or find another way of making revenue.  Easy.   

"You have better use of time by having a full-time job"
Guess what??
I remember how frustrated I would get because I wanted to help out in the community but I couldn't because of work.   
There are so many organizations/charities that need help to achieve their honorable and worthy goals and the most requested thing besides needing money is volunteer TIME.  Time is so valuable!!  

I was very surprised at how many organizations/charities need volunteer help with admin/office work over delivering heavy boxes of canned food.  It's also good for the networking and references in the future.

I've been in contact with some organizations and from there we'll see what works for me and for them.  I'm excited!  

Realizing these things made me feel free.  Feeling free makes me happy and I want it to stay that way :)

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