Thursday, August 22, 2013

Pregnancy Musing #3

If you google "touch a pregnant woman's belly" there is a plethora of blogs and comments of how women despise having their belly touched while pregnant, even by their own families!  They say it's so

I don't understand why so many women are so sensitive about this, other than that some women see it as the same violation as groping your breasts or butt.  

Unfortunately because of the huge possibility of freaking out and upsetting a hormonal pregnant woman, I wouldn't touch any pregnant belly and would never dream of asking to touch a belly unless I knew for sure that person wouldn't mind being asked that.

My thoughts concerning this:

I feel that with this "hands off my belly!" attitude, people would avoid pregnant women completely and view pregnancy as some kind of foreign taboo because "it's bad/wrong to touch a pregnant woman's belly", and lose focus of the real deal of being pregnant.  

When people touch a belly, it is a gesture of the person showing love, admiration and RESPECT for the new addition and value of human life.  That's a pretty big deal because more people are not viewing a growing baby as a person; call it anything else but a person and it's okay to abort it.  

I don't mind the belly touch and welcome it, so that more people get inspired and become more in awe of the value of human life.  Why get offended, freak out, or slap someone's hand if they want to touch your belly?        

I have a treasure growing inside of me not only for myself and my husband but for the world as well. 

I'm simply in a beautiful stage of carrying life and extremely happy when others recognize too, young and old, male and female.  

What do you think:

Do you think a pregnant woman's belly should be off-limits?

Or should she share and let us feel the baby kick?

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  1. I think there is a HUGE difference between strangers touching my belly and beloved friends and family members. I feel it is ESPECIALLY inappropriate for a total stranger to reach out and try and touch my stomach without even trying to ask permission. Would it be okay for this person to do that if I weren't pregnant? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! And this person does not even know for sure whether I am actually pregnant or not (I could have just given birth!!) Since when did being pregnant strip me of my rights of personal space and decency? Not only that but I don't know if God forbid such person has a contagious illness or disease and has zero concern for the health and safety of me and my child. While I do believe most people have good intentions, my body is just that.. MINE! Unless we have an established relationship and I know and love you, PAWS OFF MY BELLY. You never know if you just let a child molester rub your stomach.. just some food for thought.


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