Thursday, August 1, 2013

Just Say No To Baby Registry

We were fine without a registry for our wedding.  So with a baby shower on the way, we aren't registering for baby girl.

My reasons not to have a registry:

  • Registering eliminates the surprise factor for the recipient.  
  • Registering eliminates the creativity and imagination factor for the giver.   
  • Registering gives away how much people spent on your gift.
  • Registering limits the giver's shopping options as well as ours.  I love many stores...I couldn't get myself to pick "the one" store to get all our things that are essential for life with a baby, as told by sales associates everywhere.  
  • People who REALLY want to get you a gift, do want to get you something you like, or something sweet, cute, or useful for the baby!
  • Anything we get as a shower gift is good; since it's our first baby.   
  • My theory I made up before our wedding worked!!!  That being, we were less likely to receive duplicates by not registering.  If we registered for a crockpot, chances are somebody is going to look for one similar to the one on our registry and get one that's cheaper.  That's how people get stuck with a ton of duplicates.  We got zero crockpots while other couples we knew that registered received 11 crockpots...

Plus....I couldn't register for baby stuff I consider too personal, no way I'm going to request gifts that involves my nursing preferences or breasts in general  ----> (O)(O)  =D

How did women and babies survive before baby registries were invented?  I'm pretty sure the majority of women of the world and their babies have been doing fine without them.

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