Friday, September 20, 2013

Pregnancy Musing #5 Eating Free Meals for Science

When I went to diabetes counseling (standard practice for any woman with GD) the counselor told me about a new research study that needed participants with GD. 

The goal of this study is to determine whether women diagnosed with gestational diabetes will have a decrease in pregnancy risks if they eat pre-packaged meals (specifically designed by a registered dietician to meet the nutritional needs of gestational diabetes) compared to women who prepare their own meals

You randomly get selected into one of two groups:

  • Get free frozen meals and record in a log of your levels and what you ate

  • Make your own meals and record in a log of your levels and get a $35 gift card each week. 

The incentives of both groups sounded appealing and I decided to enroll.  

Personally I was glad to be in the group that gets the free meals.  It was a solution to my problem with meal planning and carb counting, and my lack of desire to cook in my final stretch of pregnancy.  At the same time, I really wanted to eat right for myself and my baby!

I'm glad the carb and other nutritional contents have all been figured out by someone else on these meals.  They are prepared in a safe and legit food prep environment.   

It's like NutriSystem but instead of weight loss, it's to have better sugar levels. Also like Meals on Wheels because they are delivered to my door :-)

I get 3 meals a day including snacks.  One snack per day.  I warm up the meals up, eat them, check my levels after about an hour, and once a week, submit a log of a food journal and my levels for that week of meals. 

Here's a pic of my meals I received this morning:

Some of the meals,  I was able to stuff more in this tiny freezer. 

Right before heating up.  French onion dip sandwich with some veggies

I officially start Saturday but have some commitments this weekend where I may not be able to eat all the meals Saturday and Sunday. Not wanting to skip meals, I ate a Saturday lunch and dinner today! 

I hadn't had a frozen dinner since becoming pregnant, I wanted to avoid over processed and packaged foods as much as possible.  But this is different.  I'm doing this for science.  

What I liked about these meals is that they aren't prepared too far out in advanced, no need to add stuff to make it taste fresh. The meals taste pretty good for a frozen meal.  I'm also getting ideas on my own after pregnancy on what to eat and portion sizes.  

I'm extremely happy to participate!  I'll keep eating them until baby arrives.  I had a dream about her last night and she look so beautiful ^_^.

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