Thursday, September 26, 2013

Spencer Hadley is Not a Hero

I read this article about Spencer Hadley after seeing it appear several times on my Facebook newsfeed.  

Reading the comments, I noticed that some fans hailed Spencer Hadley as a "hero" and/or "good role model"  

Nothing against Hadley, hope he turns out alright but I don't think it's appropriate to call him a hero or a good role model for "Doing The Right Thing"  Many people get these terms confused.  

A hero is someone like the Navy Seal from "Act of Valor" who ran and threw himself on top of a grenade to save his fellow Seals from death and prevent a vile terrorist attack in the US. 
Basically, someone who puts his/her life at risk for the safety of another. 
Hadley? Hardly. 

What defines a good role model? 
Anyone in a situation that acts appropriately without being forced to is a good role model.  

"But he's redeeming himself, he will turn his life around for the better, therefore, he is a good role model of making a mistake and turning his life around"  one might say.  Um...he had to!  He let his entire team and a large fan base down.  He was forced to get things straightened out...after being caught. 

Good role models in athletes (college and pro) are the ones that don't do anything that gets them in trouble and instead act as they believe they should act. No cheating,  no affairs, no doping, no criminal acts, and at BYU, no Honor Code violations. And...they aren't immune to opportunities to do the wrong thing. They still go do the right thing and what's expected of them.

Don't confuse heroes and good role models. Recognize who they really are and direct your praise to them. 

Escorting a hero. 

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