Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pregnancy Musing #6 It's Getting Closer

One of my friends' baby was sneaky and my friend delivered almost a month away from her due date!  

That was an eye opener for me to get the ball rolling on a couple of things just in case it happens to me.  

Things I've gotten out of way after that...

Pre-authorization from insurance for the delivery: 
I didn't know that was required but it's out of the way now.

Dental exam and cleaning: 
Done. No new cavities! 

Thank you notes: 
I've finished writing  one for every single gift I received so far. 
I just. need. to. mail. them. 

Car seat: 
We picked up our infant car seat yesterday. 

Just getting a snap and go for now. 
I don't know how much I'll be using an actual stroller in winter and figured when the time comes, try some strollers with the baby in it. 

 Getting one from a good friend!

Diaper bag: 
My backpack will work for now. It has plenty of room and pockets. 

got some hopefully to last the first 3 months. And wipes. 

Childbirth class: 
We're going to one at the hospital all day instead of once a night for 6 weeks. 
Just get it done and over with! 

Hospital bag: 
Haven't packed yet but got great advice from mothers as to what to bring.  
Hopefully the class will help. 

Not much expect for her closet, which is pretty much what she needs. 
Just need to rearrange the room for a crib. 

Baby name: 
Agreed to a wonderful and beautiful first name!!  
Still up in the air for a middle name. 

Baby moon: 
Went away for a night in Midway. 
Great weather,  swimming, fine dining, 
and then relaxing in our hotel room to watch the BYU vs Utah football game.  
This salad was very delicious!!

Dave and I are are Utah alumni so...yay for the UTES!!  
University of Utah
Great place to work and/or study at.

Some BYU fans are crazy enough to believe that losing to the U is like losing to Satan so...
I was happy for a 4th straight win against BYU.  ^_^ 

I liked that we didn't travel far for the baby moon because...
 you never know if you'll have a pregnancy scare.  


Right before check out, I used the restroom and saw blood before flushing the toilet.
That was weird because I felt no pain. 
Dave and I went straight to the hospital after leaving Midway. 

After 4 hours of waiting and monitoring, they concluded it was a kidney stone. 

At my follow-up visit yesterday, I asked my OB why I felt NO PAIN because I heard passing a stone is more painful than labor...

do I have a magical pain tolerance for kidney stones and possibly birth??

  The OB said "No" 
and explained that the uterer dilates more during pregnancy.  
 Depending on the size, the stone was easier to pass and not experience pain. 

I was lucky!  
Also very pleased with the excellent follow-up care I'm receiving. 

Pregnancy related, no signs of preterm labor. 

She is healthy, happy and cozy in my tummy. 

Just drinking more water now.

What else do I need to get done before the baby arrives?

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