Tuesday, July 9, 2013

How to get your male packrat get rid of his stuff.

My husband has male packrat syndrome.

So if you live with one and need him to sort out and throw away his stuff from the closets/garage.....

take his boxes and place them in front of the TV, blocking any viewing pleasure...

It worked for me.  He actually went through his stuff!  Some stuff to donate, some to keep, and a few boxes to be sent to his BILs for storage.    

Plus he had to hurry because we were going to feed the missionaries...                             

Dave's side of his closet...


When living in a small space, you constantly have to de clutter all the time because we lose track of how much new stuff we're bringing in. 

My suggestions for maximizing your small space:

1. You have to let stuff go!
2. If it doesn't work with the space, it has to go!
3. You need to be vigilant with what you're bringing in.  Is it just going to add more clutter or value?

This time around we're making room for a baby!

So happy!  Dave likes it too.

Cube storage was purchased at Home Depot for around 40, which was the lowest for comparable storage systems.  Cubes were a bit pricey at about 7 dollars each (minus that blue one, I had it for a while).  So it was about $73 total.

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