Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pregnancy Book List

For obvious reasons I started reading books on the topic.

I have many good friends and family that lent me their pregnancy/baby books for me to read so it was nice not having to buy a pregnancy book. 

My book list

Healthy Eating During Pregnancy: This is fun and has recipes in the back.  Great for anyone that needs ideas to improve their diet during pregnancy.  

Your Pregnancy and Childbirth: Month to Month: I haven't read this one yet.  It is more of a textbook format.  But I will read some of it. 

Natural Hospital Birth: Probably the only book I read cover to cover.  Loved it!   For anyone that wants to deliver without an epidural but deliver in a hospital and not by a river.  I liked the part about the stages of labor, how our American culture doesn't value birth pain like in other countries, and that you can do it.  

The Baby Book: It's a huge book and has interesting tidbits even for those not into attachment parenting, (I read "A Nation of Wimps: The High Cost of Invasive Parenting before reading this book)

What to Expect When You're Expecting.  Fun book but I skimmed through it and reading the sections about labor and delivery

What to Expect the First Year  Reading more about the first month after baby.  I am nervous! 

Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child:  Written by a doctor who's a world expert on sleep disorders, he was even sought out by a Saudi Arabian princess to train her nannies about how to make sure her babies sleep enough. Hah!  Like she doesn't have to wake up at night for her baby...

The best part was going on and reading all the 1 star reviews as well as the 5 star reviews on these books.  It shows that there is no 100% foolproof method for pregnancy, delivery, sleep habits, breastfeeding, and child-rearing.

By the way, has anyone ever told you not to scratch your belly so that you don't get stretch marks?

I'm wondering if it's a Latina thing.


  1. This a great list I would like to add another book that was great is: The Attachment Parenting Book

    It basically about nutrition for your baby. But it helped me understand that babies can't just eat anything but they can eat a lot!

  2. Hi Alina, Thank you for your very helpful list! Do you still review pregnancy/parenting books and if so, would you consider reading and reviewing one of my company's books:

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