Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Read this and get .25 off your gallon of milk

Since quitting my job and staying home, I wanted to become more vigilant in using coupons for our groceries.

I'm not big on having a closet full of food storage up the ceiling.  It doesn't work for us now with the space we have and our family situation.  Plus I don't eat a lot of canned foods/soups, or packaged/frozen meals that much. They aren't that healthy and I don't like how they taste; too salty or fake to me.

I also avoid case sales and don't think having a Costco membership would be worth it for us for now.  I usually like to buy things and wait until we run out of an item to purchase again. But I wanted to at least start using coupons for things we would buy:

Paper Towels
Toilet paper
Cleaning items
Laundry items
Personal Care (lotion, deodorant, etc)

Things I'm learning with couponing:

It does take up time. But any commitment to control finances and make your savings grow takes time too.  On the day of, or on the day before I do grocery shopping, I spend about an hour at the minimum online downloading and printing coupons.

If you live by a Smith's or other major grocer, you can load coupons on to your rewards card.  I felt dumb not knowing this for YEARS.  After setting up my account online, I make a habit checking out coupons I'd use before going on a shopping trip to load to the card attached on my keychain...

There is a legit site called  I absolutely LOVE IT and highly recommend it.   No gimmicks or surveys to fill out.  You do need to download their coupon program.

It took me about an hour to figure out how to print the coupons from CoolSavings but I was determined to get my 25 cent coupon of any brand of gallon milk (only in UT and ID).  I've never seen a coupon for milk until now!  Download it HERE.

Sometimes the coupons don't register on the grocery rewards card, so I print out the exact same coupon from CoolSavings.  Sometimes you can double on the same item with the coupon loaded to your rewards card and the coupon printouts.  Not all the time though.

Even if you don't coupon, you should at least look in the back of the coupon circular to see if you recognize a missing child.

I don't have a newspaper subscription but I asked my mother-in-law if she would give me the coupons from her Sunday paper after she goes through the coupons she wants and she said yes!  She is so nice!!

My goal is to aim for 10% savings on groceries each shopping trip.  My first time using coupons I clipped online, and paper.  I got to redeem $6 of coupons and was able to save about 15%.

Not big but it's something!  This week I didn't hit my 10% savings on coupons but at least I'm using them!

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