Saturday, July 13, 2013

Pregnancy musings

Just some musings but will try not to post too much on pregnancy since there's a plethora of blogs and boards on the topic.  

Plus pregnancy is nothing new, billions of women have gone through this since the beginning of time!!!     I'm sure what I'm posting is nothing new.  


I have the most intense and vivid dreams ever during pregnancy! Especially when I fall asleep again after waking up to use the restroom (I had heard about frequent potty breaks being a sign that you're pregnant, but never thinking that it would go on THROUGHOUT pregnancy).  I enjoy those dreams though most of them are bizarre and don't make any sense at all.  It makes for good conversation in the morning with Dave.

But my biggest surprise was that I like being pregnant!  And I'm determined to love it and think positive about it no matter what.  Who knows whether I'll experience this again?  

I think a lot of it has to do with my own mom.  She only had one pregnancy but had three babies!  And she was very good following her doctor's orders to a T, and had us 10 days before her due date, which is a pretty big deal for multiples and for mom!  So I want to have as healthy and happy of a pregnancy as she did.  

When I look at my belly, I think about how would it look times three lol. 

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