Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lighting in Your House

About two weeks ago, my neighbor downstairs came to visit me to work on an activity for the young girls in our church group.  Our apartments have the exact same layout, but she noticed that our living room seemed lighter than their apartment. "I should have gotten lighter furniture!" she exclaimed.  I told her no, the only difference from her apartment to mine was the lighting we had; we added an extra floor lamp to our room and we are on the top floor, we get more light coming in that way.  
Our first piece of furniture in our bare apartment, May 2012

The September 2012 Real Simple issue on page 127 had a great article interviewing this one lady, Melanie Freundlich who specializes in custom light spaces. 

This is a great article for anyone who wants to improve their interiors with lighting and good thing it's online for everyone to read!  Melanie clearly explains how to illuminate your rooms to its prime, right here

So to end this blog post I'll post a pic of our living room again, this time with the lamp in the picture.

Our living room July 2012

Shopping list
  1. Throw pillows are from Target.  The end pillows were on clearance for $15.38 each.  They have a nautical Newport look to them, I'll take a picture later of those pillows later...The ruffly pillow by Xhilaration was roughly $20
  2. Sectional was from a discount furniture store now called The Warehouse off 6600S and 900 E, next to the RC Wiley. About $600-$700 tops (off topic...we saw couch like ours featured on "Hardcore Pawn" on TruTV one evening.  Are we ghetto or what!?  Hahaha!
  3. Coffee table was on clearance from World Market for $100.  This is a super good table.  
  4. The lamp was from Target.  Can't remember how much but again, gift cards from the wedding.  And it lights up the space very well.
  5. Centerpieces are from Pier 1 Imports. I think the blue was $40 and the faux plant was $14.  I love it, it reminds me of our beach honeymoon in Newport! 
What are some things you do to lighten your living space or life in general? (and I apologize in advance for the cheesiness of this question ^_^)


  1. Cute blog, Alina! I had to laugh at the difference between our apartments, though! We spent $10 on our coffee table and our couch was free! You are clearly much more classy than we are...

    1. Yay! My first comment ever!!!

      Hey you are definitely more frugal and smarter for it :) I'm sure your living space is beautiful!

      Thanks for checking out the blog!


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