Thursday, October 25, 2012

Selling your Wedding Dress Part II

Wow more traffic for the wedding dress post!  You should read it again and again HERE

I'm having writer's block with home decor but I've got plenty to share on wedding stuff...particularly money related.

If you are on the market to sell a used (or maybe unused) wedding dress, try some of my tips, I think they'll help you increase your chance to sell your dress!

For me, the goal was to recoup some of the costs of my gowns, not make a profit out of it.  Plus, two wedding gowns take a ton of space and I wasn't interested in keeping the gowns for posterity's sake.

I had been engaged once before.  The first gown I paid $250 for and then my wedding was cancelled.

Fast forward a year later, I was blessed to marry Dave.  I gained a bit of weight and didn't fit in my gown.  I also started thinking that for a bride that had her previous wedding cancelled, I should "one-up" my wedding dress; a better gown for a much, much better groom!!!

Being engaged a second time around also brought a different attitude in how I felt about wedding planning.  I just didn't feel "bridal"

But when I tried on my second gown, and after placing my order, I felt like a bride!!  The dress was $970, which was in my price range.  I took the advice of one of my sisters "If you can spend a lot, spend a lot".  I don't think it matters and shouldn't judge much whether you spend $100 or $10,000...if you can afford it, go for it!

I sold my first dress for $200, and my goal is to get $600 for the second gown.  If the sale goes through, I would have paid as much as someone who had rented their gown from Pamela's for $420.  Or bought two dresses for $210.  See my logic?

Getting my chola face on

Since today is my husband's birthday, I want to post this picture here:

The day my wedding was cancelled was probably the most painful thing I've experienced to date but it turned out to be one of the best.  My Heavenly Father prepared me in becoming wiser and ready to marry Dave.  Thank you my love for choosing ME, for accepting ME, for loving me, for being patient, kind, and generous.  You are far more important than myself or any problem I face.  I am so happy, happier than I ever expected marrying you!  Happy Birthday!!!


  1. This is so sweet! you guys both look BEAUTIFUL in the pictures :)

  2. Selling your wedding dress may sound practical. However, it’s kinda hard to part with it. It may be a piece of cloth, but it had all the emotions that you invested during your big day, something that you can’t bring along with any other dress that you can wear. And this is what makes it special.


  3. Carroll,thank you for commenting! You are right. It was easy for me to part with the first dress and relieved it was gone from my life for good-along with the ex. With my second dress it's different, I'm sure to have mixed emotions if I did have to part with it. I haven't gotten offers on the 2nd one; I guess it's a sign I should keep it. ^_^ Wearing a wedding dress, hopefully once is what makes them very special.


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