Sunday, October 14, 2012

Witches Night Out and New Bedding

Last Friday, I went out with my mother in law, my two sisters in law, and my three nieces out to Gardner Village for Witchfest.
(disclaimer: I do not own the copyright to Witchfest! It belongs to Gardner Village and all of its producers!)

All of our husbands went to the pre-season Jazz basketball game against the Oklahoma Thunder.  It was rainy at Gardner Village which was a bummer, but there was quite the turnout for Witchfest!  Lots of ladies and girls all in pointy witch hats.  

They even had three ladies dressed up like the infamous witch trio from Hocus Pocus.  
{I'm a triplet but me and my sisters haven't tried out yet to dress up like the Sanderson sisters}  

Gardner Village is known for their artisan shops so if you want porcelain dolls, miniature tea sets and the like, this is the place to go to.  My favorite store was the Quilt Shop.  Beautiful beautiful bedding and decor, sorted by color in different parts of the store.  

Sorry this picture is blurry

Red quilts

Happy pillow spot.  Nice break from brown and orange for fall.  

More quilts... 

Turquoise and coral  

 Turquoise lamp.  This doesn't come cheap, as most items in the store

Granny pillow but look at the detail!  No way this was done by machine

Turquoise pillow with diamond pleats. 

 Birdcage and pink peony pillow

Geometric yellow pillow

Flower pillow!

Ivory ruffle pillow   

 Moroccan print pillow

 Grey flower pillow

Orange catch-all lamp.  This is pretty sweet, you can put your small jewelry there.  I would have bought two of them but lamps are about $100 and up.  

"What if you let love all the way in?" =)

Grey and ivory print pillow

While browsing at some pillows, a sales associate, dressed up as a witch informed me that everything at the store during Witchfest was 30% off.  I ended up buying two pillows.  The Quilt Shop doesn't come cheap but with the discount it was about $60.  About a few weeks earlier I was at Home Goods and saw a king-size comforter set for $60 as well.  The color and pattern looked really decent for the price.  After returning from Witchfest, I immediately opened the comforter set and sorted it all together with the two pillows I purchased.  

This was our bedding before, a beautiful Americana style quilt made by Dave's aunt as a wedding present.  This really worked during the summer months.

Our new bedding with the two pillows I purchased.  I love it!

I think this will work for the winter months.  I've noticed it made our bedroom appear lighter.  

Dave likes it a lot too.

UPDATED 10/16/2012  Shopping list and prices

  1. Style Happy King Size Comforter set: Home Goods @$59.99
  2. Pink Flower Pillow: The Quilt Shop at Gardner Village, West Jordan UT @ $39.95*  
  3. Grey and Ivory pattern pillow: The Quilt Shop at Gardner Village, West Jordan UT @49.95*
  4. White king-size comforter: Bed, Bath, and Beyond (I can't remember the name brand) but it was on clearance on 7/24/2012 for $55
  5. White duvet cover from Target.  Don't remember the price but it was bought with gift cards we received from our wedding this summer.  
*this is retail price but I had 30% off due to buying them during Witchfest. 

How often do you try a new look for your bedroom?  

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