Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Why I BUY instead of DIY a pillow

My blog is sure not a DIY and crafts blog.

Some reasons I avoid the DIY route.

Don't have much space to paint furniture, I'm in an apartment.

I don't have a sewing machine

I don't know how to use a sewing machine (ok, I could look it up on YouTube but I'm lazy and come up with excuses ).

For me it is easier and cost-effective to buy instead of DIY.  I figured that buying a pillow ranging from $15-$30 is less costly for me than to:

Buy fabric

Buy a sewing machine

Buy fabric scissors

Buy the right thread

Spend my weekend working on something that would be a Pinterest fail.

It's just not my thing at the moment.

Sometimes I see stuff that is store bought that I think looks a lot better than what I could attempt with DIY...

4 ft sunburst mirror I bought for $80 at Tuesday Morning.

Before deciding to buy the mirror, I looked at some options.

I looked at DIY sunburst mirrors on Pinterest,  I either didn't like them or couldn't make time to make a cool one.

Blah DIY

Super cool mirror.  Learn how here  Sunburst Mirror DIY

I then looked at price comparisons of similar mirrors at other stores and I figured for the price, it was a good bang for my buck.

Everything you see in this picture I did not DIY. 

*Sigh*...I may not be as frugal but I'm helping the economy, yeah?? :)

Why DIY when you can BUY!

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