Monday, October 22, 2012

The Power of Pink

This weekend was good.

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On Saturday after selling the wedding dress, I discovered that Fashion Place Mall opened a Z Gallerie.  I love how the store sets their interiors by color and how it's all glitzy.  I haven't bought anything there yet, but I like going there just to look and be surrounded by all da bling-bling.

That's me, peeps 


Z Gallerie's bedding usually is geometric prints.  I can't recall seeing any floral/solid for a while now at this store.  


Today I was planning to go back to Z Gallerie but I decided to stop at Home Goods instead.  The store re-stocks every Monday and Thursday with new items so there I went!  They are ready with their holiday decor, so beautiful.  There's no point in buying a tree for our apartment but maybe I should buy ornaments anyway....

"tis the season to be glitzy!"

There are a lot of Buddha statues at every decor store I went to.  I'm trying not to fall into the Latina stereotype in which I get a porcelian Buddha, cat, or elephant in our living room

 Left: Z Gallerie Buddha water fountain.  Right: Home Goods Buddha for $40 at the $25 and under shelf

Left: $300 Italian chest.  So exquisite.  Right:  Modern bright red coffee table for $250.  Beats what they have in Ikea IMO

 I liked this red section at home goods.  Lots of great stuff

Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month I thought about getting something pink.

House Beautiful (the most legit home decor mag IMO) March 2011 issue.  Yes! Men do love pink ;)

For our wedding we compromised with our favorite colors.  Dave loves black and I wanted pink.  It turned out great and it is such an EASY wedding color combo.  (Black, light pink, and ivory)

Our wedding cake!  It was lemon flavor.  Yummmmy!

 Then I saw this!!!  A rosy pink ruffly pillow located in the little girl's section.  I asked Dave if I could buy it.  It was $15.  There was another one but decided to buy one today.  I think I may buy the other one too but not sure yet.  It is in our guest room.

It's so fluffy I can die! Lol.

Readers...should I go buy the other pillow tomorrow?

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